Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New Look

Yeah, you're in the right place. :)

Thought I'd switch things up around the ole blog-a-roony.


I'd love to get your feedback...and no, I'm not just fishing for compliments!!
(although I'll gladly take them as I need to practice receiving compliments without discounting them because of my own insecurities)

Just felt like it was time for a change...

Oh, the caricature of Bean (complete with her Omnipod on her arm!) was done at the expo at FFL.  It was part of the Novo Nordisk booth.  It was a very popular attraction...so much so that I actually left the closing keynote a bit early to get in line and had Ubergeek and my mother snag the girls a bit early, too!


  1. Lovin the new header! Way cute :)

  2. I like the swirls! You might brighten the lettering a little. I know it matches the background of the photo, but the title could pop a little bit more. (Constructive criticism :)

    Weren't those caricature-ists the best? I'm going to frame ours.

    (I have no idea what people who draw caricatures are called, lol.)

    1. Yeah, I was torn when picking the font color...go with bright white or try to match the border background.
      I've switched it to white and like it much better! Thanks for your feed back! :)

  3. Very nice! My blog could use an overhaul too, but there always seems to be something else, you know? Anyway, the drawing of Bean is so cute... love it!

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Love it Denise!!

  5. So cute. I love the caricature! =)


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