Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"I TOLD You It Was A Pod Change Day!"

Sometimes, especially when the schedule changes, we lose track of when Bean's pod will expire.  Honestly, that's a good thing because it means everything is running just fine; no alarms, no occlusions. 

One night during FFL (yeah, still talking about it!) we went out to dinner with our new friends.

Since Ella and Bean both use the Omnipod, there were familiar 'beeps' coming from both of them as they tested and dosed for dinner.  Ella happened to be on the tail end of her three days with her pod, so when she tested, the PDM gave it's little 'beeping' reminder that she needed to change her pod soon.  Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to even think twice about.

The girls were noisily happily entertaining themselves when a 'beep beep, beep beep' rang through the air.

Bean comes stomping over to me and announces "I TOLD you it was a pod change day!" to which I reply, "No, it's not." to which she replies, "YES, it IS!"  See, we had had this conversation more than once during our time at FFL because we were all having so much fun that none of us could remember which day it was!

So, being the adult in the situation, I must prove to my lovely child that I am right  ;) so I have her bring me her PDM.  We turn it on and I nicely show her that, in deed, her pod does not expire until the next day.  She is bewildered because she swears that her pod is beeping at her.

It takes us all a minute to realize that it is, in fact, Ella's pod that is doing the beeping!

When you aren't used to being around other CWDs, especially ones with the same hardware, you automatically assume that the random beeps are coming from you!!



  1. Those 3 days creep up on me faster than green grass through a goose. Thank goodness the PDM tracks it for me. In fact, I think we're due for a pod change tonight! Still rocking the arms, although we have tried the leg a few times as well.

  2. I need beeps. We always have the blank stare while we try to remember what day we changed it last.

  3. I have to write it down, or I forget!

    (I blame my memory loss on diabetes!)


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