Sunday, July 29, 2012

Treating Lows Just Got Cuter

Bean noticed the other day that her tried, true, trusted low-bringer-upper has gotten a cutie pie make over.

Don't know if we're 'behind the times' with our juice boxes, but this is the first pack I've seen with the adorable apple-snail-dude.

Totally makes treating a low a bit cuter!  I think they should rename it "Cutie Juicy Juice."  :)


  1. The make-over is SO cute! I'm so glad even I still drink the juicy juice. The little snails make me smile :)

  2. Matthew just noticed the snail too! So cute!

  3. I use Juicy Juice too (yes I am over 30 years old). The redesign hasn't made it down here yet. I use fruit punch, I wonder what they are going to do for that.


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