Thursday, July 19, 2012

A New Friend for Life...A New Blogging D-Mama

We were sitting in the back of the room at the First Timer's Reception at FFL because we had been requested to split ourselves up according to where in the country we reside and the 'west coast' got the back of the room..and, well, Alaska is about as far west as you can get!

Sitting there, discussing the strangest place we have found a test strip (BTW, the west coast won with Wendy's dog poop find) I noticed another cutie pie testing her BG with a pink-skinned PDM.  I, of course, drew Bean's attention to it and encouraged her to go introduce herself.  With a bit of prompting, she did.
Thus began our friendship with this amazing family...

The girls bonded instantly because, well, they are silly girls!  It was just a bonus that Ella also uses the Omnipod, so the girls were able to 'compare notes' on how they do all their T1D stuff.

Krissy, Clay, Ubergeek, and I bonded instantly because, well, we are parents of girls with T1D!  It was a bonus that they are super awesome and hilarious and we just clicked in a way that makes you life long friends within a matter of days.  It made FFL even more amazing to come out of it with actual friends for life, not just information from the sessions and memories of the fun stuff we did.

What's funny is that Ubergeek kept giving Krissy a hard time about blogging.  See, she was a reader, not a writer and every time we had a conversation, Ubergeek would say something like "You just need to blog it out" or "So, what's the name of your blog going to be" or "That would make a great blog post."
By the end of FFL, Ubergeek has set up a blog for Krissy and she was getting excited about being more than just a stalker in the know we all start that way, reading/stalking, until we get the nerve to dive in full force! :)

So, I'm pleased to introduce to you Diabetes on the Side!   Go on over and say hi!  She's already posted a few times and I know you'll enjoy reading all about their experiences so far with D...they are just about 6 months into this crazy life.

It's always bittersweet to have another family join the D-club.  It's great to have them, but at the same time we all wish none of us were a part of this club.  But, that's just one of the bonuses of comes with a smathering of amazing folks that just plain get it and that's an amazing thing when you feel like you're so not getting it!


  1. Thanks for the intro, Denise! So many blogging moms unknowingly helped me get through those first few months and taught me so much as well...Reyna from Betabuddies ...Wendy from Candy Hearts...Hallie from Princess and The Pump ...Lorraine from This is Caleb..and YOU..and so many others! We love your family!! Clayton's already trying to figure out if Alaska is covered under our mobile data plan so he and Ubergeek can continue their Bromance. Until there's a cure, there's a club...and it truly is the greatest club you never wanted to be a part of cuz nothing comes close to the Moms who dose!

  2. Yay, going over the check her out now. (Okay, that just sounds weird, but you know what I mean.)

  3. I have loved reading your ffl posts... Almost feel like I was there! Going to check out the newest mama on the block...

  4. So glad you found new ffl's :) Thanks for sharing about your trip also..

  5. Yes! Good job convincing another member to join our club!

    Off to add her to my reader!

  6. Love the pics and stories!'

    Gonna go say hi :)


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