Wednesday, July 4, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

Today has been a fabulous day at FFL.

We registered, got our awesome colored bracelets and name badges, and hung out with several awesome DOCers and others living with D 24/7/365.

The highlight was the First Timers Reception.  Sure, it had the 'this is this person and that is that person' normal stuff and the ice breakers that we all secretly loathe but play along because, really, what choice do you have?

During the last bit, I had kinda tuned out the hilarious guy doing the ice breakers because I had spied a pink cased PDM so I was helping Bean make a new friend while I was chatting with the mom.

Well, the hands pounding on the tables clued me in to the fact that they were about to do the drawing for the prize, but I still didn't pay much attention because I generally don't win things like that.

Next thing I know I hear our last name being, what the what?!?!

Yep, we won the drawing....a flat screen TV!  Nice, huh?  Super excited to be able to give it to my mother who is joining us since she is in need of a TV upgrade, big time!

Tomorrow is super packed and I can't wait!  So many opportunities to connect and make friends for life!


  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats! Will they ship it all the way to Alaska for you?

    Btw, I am super jealous and wish I was there with you. Say hi to everyone for me and have fun (like you won't anyway, right?)

  2. Imma on my way!
    touch down in Orlando this afternoon!

  3. Yippee..Glad you won that tv. :) Thanks again for sharing about your time there..ENJOY this trip my friend!!!!!!!! ( I know you will :))

  4. Congrats, Denise!! Glad you won the TV, and are able to be there interacting and seeing/meeting so many friends from the DOC! Will look forward to all the great updates, and living vicariously through everyone via twitter!


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