Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The aspect of the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference that excited me the most was the opportunity to meet people who 'live' in my computer.

The people whose lives I get to be a part of because they share it on blogs in the Diabetes Online Community.  The adults who have been living with T1D for years and can offer insights from their lives that give me a glimpse into and a hope for Bean's future.  The moms and dads who care for their child(ren) with T1D and understand the ups and downs that come with having a child with D.

From random run ins in the lobby and by the elevator to 'semi-stalking' in the sports bar, getting to hang out with PWDs, D-Moms and D-Dads created some of the most cherished memories I will carry with me forever.

with the fabulishous Kelly

one of the most famous 'ze bloggers' Kerri!

the totally cool Scott K. Johnson

YCDT super star Kim and (new to me) Jess

more 'new to me' PWDs, Brian and Courtney (hay-ee)

another amazing PWD, Sara

the "I'm running out of StarBurst because I'm
running low" Karen


my effing fav PWD from Canadia, Scully!
and, yes, it is Canadia, not Canada!! ;)

super awesome D mom, Wendy

another fab D-Mom, Misty

the 'I didn't have time to put on my stripper shoes'
wonderful D-Mom, Lora

awesome D-Dad, Tim
his super cool wife, Heather, was there, too, but I missed
getting a pic with her somehow!

There were a couple of other D-Moms that I didn't get a picture with...Leighann and Meri.

Like I said, it was AMAZING to meet all of these awesome people in real life.  To hug them, share stories, laugh, drink, and just BE with them made FFL 2012 something I will always treasure.

...still to come about FFL, Bean's biggest fan and an introduction to a new friend and blogging D-Mom!


  1. Ahhhhhhh! So nice to see everyone smiling together! Those smiles are all so genuine, like you can see to the bottom of each others souls :)

  2. I think it's adorable that Denise is in like every picture!
    And I love that it is now Canadia ;)

  3. It is so wonderful that you got to experience this time of "togetherness" :) :)

  4. Love it! So sweet to see everyone together.

    I'm jealous. Did mention that before? I think I remember saying something about being jealous...

  5. When I first clicked on this post I thought "awww... I didn't take a picture with her". Apparently I did. I don't get much sleep at FFL :)

  6. WHAT A COOL IDEA!!!! I didn't even think to get pics with everyone :) I LOVE THIS POST, because when you put them all together like that, it really adds perspective about how many amazing peeps were in one place!!! WAHOO!!!!! And I have another cute one of you and I...will be editing it at some point before next FFL...stay tuned ;)

  7. Tearing up! I am so sad that my plane wasn't headin' where yours was in Salt Lake. Next year I need to make it happen. I need to go to FFL. Loved the pix. Thank you for sharing them sweet lady!

  8. Oh how I love this. I have such a weird look on my face - I'm not sure if it was the low though. I think it may have been your husband yelling at us for squint eyes!! LOL

  9. You crack me up! Are you going back next year??? I will totaly wear "the shoes" for you.

  10. Thanks for complement! The picture turned out pretty good too. LOL. Was awesome to meet one of the very first followers of my blog and one of the first to comment on it. Thanks. I now see why it called friends for life. You and Evan are fantastic.

  11. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED meeting you, the Bean, the Bug, & the Uber Geek!!
    You guys are awesome and getting to hang out in IRL was amazing!
    Next year we MUST spend more time together!! I say we all stay at the hotel after FFL13 until they have to physically remove us from the premises!
    And btw, the pics are FABULICIOUS!

  12. it was amazing! i'm so happy to have met you and your wonderful family.


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