Monday, August 13, 2012

12 of 12, August

Let's start with the fact that I am totally impressed with myself that I remembered to do this!  I even set an alarm on my phone for the night of the 11th to remind me!! 

The day begins with a wee hours BG check.
Guess I didn't need to turn off her basal earlier!

Yep, lots of fun this morning...laundry!

Finally getting the green Lilly bag on the way!

In honor of Meri and Wendy, a car shot!
Totally with you, Wendy, they aren't always flattering!! :)

It's amazingly beautiful day!  Windows are down in the car
and I'm soaking up the vitamin D while running errands.

This warning should read:
"Proper use will cause a hazardous condition
to your bank account!"

Pretty much sums up the week I've had!

Nothing better than a 20oz iced decaf not-quite-all-of-the-vanilla latte on a hot day!

Time for a little multitasking.
yes, that's a Christmas tree...don't ask!

Doing the nice-wife-thing by ironing Ubergeek's shirt for work tomorrow.

Love finding them sleeping like this!

BG check before I head to bed...looks good to me!


  1. I am so, so jealous of that temperature... It's been a bazillion degrees here FOR.EVER!

    Thankfully we are escaping next week... Woo-hoo for vacations!

    Fun pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved seeing how your day went! Thanks for sharing :) Hope things are going well-we are changing basals/I:C ratio's here for some highs-must be having another growth spurt..

  3. 67??? Brrrr...that's sweater weather :)

  4. OMG... SWEET BEANS! I just realized how my "sweet beans" retort is so much more funny when I write that here!

    awesome awesome awesome! I'm so damn happy that you participated in the 12 of 12 and damn it woman, now I expect it every month! The self portrait in the car - classically beautiful. :P

    love this

    1. Was totally channeling my 'inner Scully who's not impressed' for that car shot!! ;)

  5. Love seeing a slice of your life through pictures!! I may have to copy this post. :) And 67 degrees??? YES PLEASE!!! It has been 114 every day the past week. Ew.

  6. I agree, it's been really hot down here as well. Though we have had a little break this week.

    I see a tiny thumbnail photo of myself on the Facebook window :)

  7. Oh, those little hands! I am welling up at that shot of them holding onto each other in the night. So deeply sweet. xx Love to you all.


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