Friday, August 24, 2012


Ubergeek went out to the mailbox yesterday.

He found these:

He asked me if I wanted him to burn them. ;) 

See, while we were at FFL in July, we had Bug tested with TrialNet to see if she has any of the indicators for developing T1D.  I was tested, too, mostly to show Bug it wasn't a big deal.

We decided to open them, not burn them.

So, Bug is negative for the antibodies they test for, but isn't, of course, guaranteed that her body won't attack her islets, but her finger tips are safe from me for a year.  (holy long sentence, batman!)


  1. Oh gosh. I'd be scared to open them too! Silly questions: was Bean disappointed? Sometimes Mary Claire wants a sibling to know how she feels. Sad? I think not.
    Happy for Bug though! : )

  2. Good for you. I'm glad everything is COOL!

  3. What great news! First since you got letters and not "The Call" it was a good sign. If you hadn't done it before you wouldn't have know that a positive result would have likely included a phone call prior to the letters. We got the first call in Sept of 07 following our first trip to FFL. It was regarding my oldest (Sweetstuff's) results. I think I aged 10 years that day. Two years later we joined the multiples club. My Middle child (Middles) wasn't screened in 07 - he was only 5 and too scared to do the blood draw. Hubby and I were negative. Middles was tested in Oct of 2011. I didn't get a call - instead I got the news in Feb 2012 while at an endo appointment for the other two kiddos. Seems my endo office was getting in the way for Trialnet to share the information sooner. Grrrr. Again I aged another 10 years. Thus Middles is positive for all antibodies. He will start the TrialNet oral insulin study this month. We opted out of studies with Sweetstuff back in 07 - we had only been in the D world for 6 months and didn't want to share the news with our at the time 7 year old. Hindsight is 20/20 and I wish we had done something - maybe the 2009 diagnosis could have been delayed or best case avoided. No use kicking ourselves for choices in the past but we won't make the same mistake with Middles.
    I sincerely hope any futures tests continue to give you the negative results - honestly multiples are rare.
    So glad I found your blog and will return often. Warmest regards always.


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