Monday, August 6, 2012

Day Camp

Bean attended a day camp last week.  A 9am to 4pm day camp.  A camp that Bug was supposed to be going to until 11:30am, but the class for the 'little ones' was cancelled due to lack of enrollment....not only a bummer for her, but it meant the loss of an 'excuse' for me to check in on Bean each day!

See, this camp isn't a D camp.  It doesn't have folks who have much, if any, idea about the ins and outs of T1D.  Sure, Bean went two years ago (they do it every-other year), two months after dx, on shots, and I went everyday for lunch to make sure she did what needed to be done.  Sure, there's a mom that volunteers who is a school nurse, but she wasn't with Bean's group, nor did I expect her to be Bean's personal D-assistant.  (Though, it would have been nice!!)

But, since Bean is pretty much in charge of her D care at school, I wasn't concerned about this week.  Well, not too concerned.  I made sure Bean was prepared with carb counts for her lunch, a 'double stocked for lows' kit, and we talked through the 'basics' of her doing her own bolusing (she likes to tell me her dose before she hits 'confirm' for it to be delivered).  I also had an info sheet (thanks to Ubergeek for reminding me...and printing it out) to give to her group leaders to give them a bit of general information.

Yeah, I knew she'd be pretty active, but I wasn't expecting the four or so lows the first day.  So, on Tuesday, I reduced her basal a bit, but she still had several lows.  Wednesday she started high for breakfast (204) and stayed high all day....see, she ROCKS treating lows, but she's not really up to speed on treating highs. She just doesn't think to correct herself.  So, Wednesday was hard on her.  Thursday she started out in a great place (105) so we reduced her basal like we did Tuesday instead of the even bigger reduction on Wednesday because Bean said she would rather treat lows than be high all day.  And, she did...more lows, but she felt way better!  Friday we opted for the bigger reduction in basal, and although she did have a couple of lows, she was only under 70 once and it was because they stayed an hour later to practice for their performance so she was 30 minutes late having her afternoon snack.

I totally see the week as a huge success, D-wise.  Sure, she had more lows than I would like her to have, BUT she was so on top of it.  She tested often, especially before doing physical activity, and anytime she felt low.  Her leader commented to me on Wednesday that she was amazed at how seamlessly the whole diabetes thing was going (oh, if she only knew!) and how impressed she was with Bean and how she took care of everything.  Bean had a great time and felt confident in her ability to take care of D needs.  Yep, totally a success!

(yeah, not the best quality, but that's what happens when the camera 
battery dies after you take two pictures 
and you have to resort to the cell phone!! 
but, even out of focus, she's cute!)

This is what I found when we showed up Friday.  Every other day she was packed up and ready to go, but since Friday was the potluck and performance, they didn't have the kids pack up.  So, I got to see the 'low fodder' of the day:  two juice boxes, one apple sauce, one 'sugar shot' (container filled with mini M&Ms, about 8g carb).  She can treat a low, but can't seem to find the trash can!! ;)


  1. Wow that is so awesome. She is so mature to take care of her D-stuff. I bet it meant the world to you knowing she can handle it as well as she did. Great D-parents = great responsible D-kids! Good Job!

  2. Good for Bean! That is awesome that she is so on top of her care. :)


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