Monday, August 20, 2012

Supplies, Forms, and A1c's...Oh My!

It's that time of year....the get everything ready for school time.

School Supplies

D Supplies

Training the Teachers

Update Care Sheet

Get FNP to help update School District required Forms

Get new Glucagon Rx filled....and add to the growing pile of unused ones (knock on wood!) for training.

SWAG basal rate adjustments based on last school year and summer!

My head is swimming with a million and one things that need to be completed and ready to go for Wednesday morning.  My sleep is even more interrupted (as if that's even possible!) because my brain just won't shut off.  The stress induced cold sore that is just about gone on my bottom lip is now joined by one on my top lip that popped up this morning! UGH!

But, BUT...totally awesome news at Bean's three month check up this morning....

Her A1c is down to 8.2!!!  Woo-to-the-frickin-Hoo!!

That's the lowest she's been and that's an 'over the summer with travel and what-not' number!  She had been down to 8.4, then up to 9.0 (thinking a run of not so fab insulin 'helped' with that because she was running high off and on for the two weeks prior).

Yeah, I know it's just a number and it's not my report card...blah, blah, blah!
THIS number, this 8.2, reflects some damn hard work and not letting those stubborn highs win.  Sure, she's had her fair share of lows because I've been a bit aggressive with those highs, but it's a learning process and we're getting better at hitting that nice 'range' more often.

Who knows what the next A1c will bring with the new school year.  I'm not remotely concerned with it right now.

Right now, I'm going to celebrate and pat myself on the back and continue to tell Bean she ROCKS!

yeah, I had to take a picture of it!! ;)


  1. I love your excitement. It's contagious and worth sharing dammit!!
    you go girl. I hope bean knows how proud she should be of herself and of you (her pancreas in charge) Team work baby!

  2. WoHoooooooooooo! Congrats to you and the Bean!

  3. Alot of hours of planning and management go into that a1c, you guys deserve to celebrate a while!!!! hope the school transition goes smoothly!


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