Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bean's First Day of School

Today is Bean's first day of school.

extra tuffs, both for the rainy day and
because she IS extra tuff!!

School actually started yesterday, but since she had been running a fever on Tuesday, she couldn't go on Wednesday.  School District policy states that students must be fever-free for 24 hours.  Thankfully it was just a random 36 hour fever without any other symptoms or problems!

She was super excited and had a really hard time getting to and staying asleep last night, but she got up without much fuss this morning, thankfully!

We went in with her, of course, because there's a LOT of stuff to take on the first day, even without all the D stuff.
We dropped off the classroom snack stashes, supplies for the nurse's office, and then proceeded to divvy up juice boxes between the Office, Art, Sport, and Music classrooms.  (Can anyone say 'need stock in Juicy Juice?')
We made sure Bean was settled into her classroom and did a last minute carb count for lunch since I had forgotten to put it in her kit at home...the ONE THING I forgot, thank you very much! (and it's more for the teacher than for Bean because it's her 'normal' lunch and she knows the carb count for it without even having to think!)

I know she's going to be fine.  I do.  I know she knows what to do if she feels low.  I know she knows she is supposed to test before recess.  I know she knows how to test and dose for lunch.  I know she knows how to do everything she needs to do all by herself.  I know that.


She has two new teachers this year.  Sure, one of them knows her from social situations, but, she hasn't had her in the classroom and that's a whole different thing!

The nurse isn't there today.  Sure, the school was able to add to her hours this year, but she's still only going to be there two, maybe two and half days a week. And today isn't one of those days.

This is her FIRST DAY back!  New schedule, new procedures, friends she hasn't seen all summer.  Sure, she knows how to do all the D stuff, but it can very easily get lost in the shuffle if she's thinking about other things.

Yep, totally called the school to make sure she tested before recess.  Secretary went to her class to double check and then texted me with her number...182.  Not bad for setting her temp basal late for breakfast!
Then I got a text letting me know that Secretary went with her to recess to introduce her to the new noon duty (recess monitor).  LOVE HER!

Ubergeek and I plan to chat a bit after school with Bean's teachers, just to go over a few things with Bean actually being there with all of her gadgets since they've only had training with the nurse.


I should be relishing in the fact that I only have one kiddo at home today.  I should be getting things done around the house because I'm not having to play referee all day.  I should only have fleeting thoughts of 'hope she's having a good day.'

But, I'm a D-Mom.  I call, I text, I make sure she's safe and taken care of.  I ignore the piles of laundry that need to be folded because I can't even seem to concentrate on a menial task like that because my mind is racing with all the information that I hope the teachers remember.  I blog to get it out of my head.  I send up prayers, knowing that He cares for her even more than I do.  I cry, not because I'm sad, but because that's what I do when there's nothing else I can do.

I was spoiled last year, having the long term sub job at Bean's school for three quarters of the year.  I was just a radio call away if she needed anything.  I was two minutes (if I had to walk down the hill slowly because of snow) from the main building where she was if I needed to physically get to her.  Now, having been passed up for not one, but two, jobs at her school this year, I sit at home, cell phone on or right next to me.  Sure, I'm reachable.  Sure, I can offer words of help.  But, I'm not THERE.  And not only does it hurt because of the whole job thing, it hurts because I know I can't get to her quicker than 10 minutes if I need to actually be there.  And it sucks!  Really, really sucks.

Three hours, 15 minutes down.  Three and a half hours to go.  Ugh!

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  1. I bet she is having a great time! But it does suck and my kids are older. Two days ago it was getting a little old calling 2-3 times a day to check on them at home. Now they are at school and I can't talk to them. Sigh. I miss them. This is as distracting at work as calling them all day. Hang in there!


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