Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12 ~ Love (#NDAMphotoaday)

I honestly think 'insanity' might be a better description for this one, because trying to get all those dang sprinkles (how do you make 'nonpareils' plural?!?!) to be where they were supposed to be was nothing short of insane!!

But, I thought the idea was cool, so I went with it.  Don't like that the blue circle doesn't show it's blueness very well and try as I might, I could not get it to cooperate with me to adjust the color of the photo.

I did also contemplate counting the sprinkles in the heart to see if it was close to the number of finger pricks Bean has done, but there has to a line that you cross where love truly does turn into insanity and I think counting sprinkles is that line!

For the record, the drop marks are from me trying to delicately spray Static Guard on the paper around the sprinkles to keep them from attracting or repelling each other, depending on the location they needed to be.
Yep, treading really close to that line again.  But, I love my Bean, so there you have it!

I also thought about using this photo...
..because I absolutely love it, and it speaks volumes to the love Bean and Bug have for each other...not to mention the medical bracelet to just send you right over the edge!  Ubergeek thought I shouldn't use it because I've used it on the blog before, but I'm putting it up here again anyway! ;)


  1. What about putting down Elmer's glue first in the shape you want, then sprinkling on top of the glue and shaking off the excess?

    1. sure...get all practical on me! ;)
      I'm claiming I was blinded to rational thoughts by LOVE!! ha!


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