Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 ~ Prescription (#NDAMphotoaday)

As I was compiling the items for today's picture, Ubergeek was questioning if I had all of Bean's prescriptions.  (and what's funny is I have now taken three different pictures because I kept forgetting some Rx items!!)  You see, it seems like there's TONS of STUFF surrounding T1D.  And in all honesty, there is, but here's what we actually have a prescription for...

1. Blood Ketone Testing Strips; 2. Omnipod Insulin Pump pods; 
3. Dexcom Seven Plus CGM Sensor; 
4. Accu-Check Multiclix lancet barrels;  5. Glucagon; 6. Apidra Insulin; 
7. FreeStyle Blood Glucose Test Strips

Then, I decided to gather all of the 'over the counter' stuff that is used several times a week, if not several times a day.

1. Nexcare Tegaderm (to keep the CGM sensor from falling off)
2. GoGo Sqeez Apple Sauce (for treating low blood sugar)
3. De-Solv-It (to loosen the adhesive for pod and CGM sensor changes)
4. Juicy Juice Apple Juice Boxes (for treating low blood sugar)
5. M&Ms Minis (for sugar shots for treating low blood sugar)
6. Skin Prep (to make skin 'sticky' for pods and sensors)
7. Alcohol Swabs (for just about everything!)
8. Batteries (for Omnipod PDM)

Yep, it takes a LOT of STUFF to keep Bean alive ever since her pancreas decided it was done with it's incredibly important job of producing insulin. And prescription or not, the majority of the items pictured are vital to keeping her safe, healthy, and alive.


  1. Surprising how much STUFF we use, isn't it?

  2. Great post showcasing how much we use every day! I always say it is a full time job keeping up with everything. We have started using desolve it and LOVE it...really cheap and works so quick!

  3. Yup, SO MUCH STUFF!!! I've fallen behind on the challenge, but hope to catch up today. I shutter at the thought of trying to gather up all of my things for the prescription photo though - what a big job!! LOL


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