Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16 ~ Blue (#NDAMphotoaday)

This blue glow is my nighttime companion.

It sits on my nightstand, flickering and transmitting sound.

Sounds from my sleeping T1D kiddo's room, who is way too old to still have a 'baby monitor.'

Wilma (her CGM) rests directly on top of the transmitter in Bean's room so there's no possible way the sound of her vibrations or beeps can go undetected.

This blue glow and the sounds it transmits are my life line to Bean in the wee hours of the night.  Sure, I set alarms on my phone to wake me to check her blood sugar, but there are nights that I (a) don't seem to hear them, (b) go back to sleep the second I swipe the screen instead of getting out of the bed, or (c) totally forget to set them in the first place.

Thankfully, I never rarely seem to sleep through the buzzes and beeps that come through my blue friend.  And those buzzes and beeps tell me Bean is below 80 so I can catch a low BG before it gets too low or above 260 so I can catch a high BG before it gets to high...or at least that's the theory.  It's not a fool proof plan.  There are times when that 'below 80' turns into a 'below 55,' but that series of beeps and buzzes always seems to break through my slumber and get me moving down the hall pretty dang quickly.

This blue glow helps me rest a bit more easily and helps keep Bean a bit safer through the night.
And for those two reasons I will be turning on that blue glow each and every night.


  1. at least yours doesn't LOOK like a baby monitor; its looks more like an uber cool docking station. I want one!! Ours is the old fashioned white one that is ever so strategically placed behind a surfboard on Justin's wall shelf. I do agree though... way to old for a "baby monitor" needs a new improved dmama made name; like BG alert monitor or the wake up bitch monitor. Something like that.

  2. Your nights sound a lot like mine. Rosie's baby monitor is placed in a hard plastic bowl on her night stand with the Dex receiver in it, because we learned that a vibrating Dex will jump right onto the floor and not be heard as it vibrates and beeps in the carpet. (Rosie sleeps through the beeps, and the baby monitor doesn't "hear" it from the floor.)

    I do the "swipe and go back to sleep" thing some nights, too. My cell phone alarms every three hours at night, but some nights I wind up sleeping longer. Then I wake up in a panic until I've checked and made sure Rosie's OK.

  3. We've got the old-fashioned white monitor as well - kudos on the space-age blue! The G4 seems to be picking up OK from our room, so we may be able to retire the monitor - but never the multiple alarms.

  4. How appropriate that it's a blue circle! :-)

  5. Denise-

    There was a baby monitor in my bedroom until I got married and moved out for real at age 23. I kid you not. Because my bedroom was downstairs and my parents' upstairs, mom kept that ancient baby monitor in my room. Even while I was away at college, it got turned back on when I came home on breaks.

    Diabetes makes us do some interesting things!


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