Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 6 ~ Gear (#NDAMphotoaday)

Gear, lots and lots of gear, is needed to keep Bean safe and healthy each and every day.

Here's what's in Bean's "we're leaving the house" Kit.  please excuse the blurriness, couldn't get it to focus to save my life!

1. Glucagon to treat extreme low BGs, where Bean is unable to drink or eat
(for the record, it has NEVER been used and I'd like to keep it that way!)
2. "I have Diabetes" card with contact info
3. GoGo Squeez Applesauce...for low BG treatment
4. Extra pod in case it needs to be changed while we are out and about
5. Snack Stash (in a 'used' Crystal Light container) has 2 Sugar Shots and 2 Granola Bars
6. Juicy Juice Apple Juice...for low BG treatment
7. Extra Supply Kit...syringe in case Bean needs a shot; lancet barrel; 
test strips; alcohol swabs; Skin Prep pads.

a-n hang out in Bean 'PDM kit' which is a zip up case from Sugar Medical Supply
a. Multiclix lancing device
b. Apidra insulin vial...for pod changes or random shot
c. Test Strips
d. PDM...glucometer for testing BG and controller to tell pod how much insulin to dose
e. BioFlips case for used test strips (from Stick Me Designs)
f. blood ketone test strips
g. extra lancet barrel
h. extra batteries for PDM
i. extra FreeStyle meter
j. syringe
k. Precision Blood Ketone meter
l. alcohol swabs
m. instructions for treatments (mainly for school, but comes in handy for other times, too)
n. paper towel strip for wiping blood...otherwise it ends up on the case or on Bean's clothes

And here's what's in Bean's "at school" Kit.  This backpack is on her at all times so she can test, dose, or treat a low where ever she happens to be at school.

items f-l from above are in the inside left zipper pocket

Just for the record, there are extra supplies and Glucagon in the nurse's office as well as 'snack stashes' in both of Bean's classrooms.  She used to have to keep her PDM kit in the nurse's office, but we quickly remedied that so she can carry it with her at all times...way safer for her to be able to test and treat (either with juice or insulin) where ever and when ever while she's at school.


  1. What do you have the juice boxes in? They look like travel bar of soap containers.

    1. soap containers! They do a great job of keeping the juice boxes from getting squished...and making a huge mess!!


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