Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 21 ~ Hate (#NDAMphotoaday)

There are lots of things I hate about Diabetes.  I could probably bore you for days listing all the things that I hate about what T1D has done to our family, our finances, our socializing abilities, our daughters (the one with and the one 'without' D), etc.

Sure, there are days when D slips from the forefront of everything.  Days when it 'behaves' and we just go through the motions that have become a part of our regular routine.

But, then there are days that D decides it needs attention; full on spotlight attention.  Days when Bean's BGs don't seem to make sense.  Days when the highs won't come down or the lows struggle to rise.  Days when, for whatever reason, nothing works like it's 'supposed' to, no matter what tried and true methods we enlist.

Recently, like the past few days, Bean has been complaining about her tummy hurting.  Like 4am crying because of her tummy. Staying home from school because of her tummy.  And, tonight, missing out on family pre-Thanksgiving festivities at the grandparents' because of her tummy.

Instead of sitting at the table enjoying the yumminess set before us, Bean was curled up on the couch in pain and in tears.

Her BG was 296.  We've noticed that the tummy aches seem to accompany higher BGs.  
However, I'm also starting to wonder if other things are starting to brew.  Other issues that tend to go hand in hand with T1D, like Celiac.  


Like she needs one more flipping thing to deal with on top of everything else.  I'm pretty sure I had the conversation with God on the day she was dx'd that T1D was the third thing and that was ENOUGH.  Bad things are supposed to happen in threes, right, and then be done!  

Well, Bean should get to be done, then:  
1~cleft lip (with two surgeries to date and others in the future); 
2~vesicoureteral reflux (with three surgeries that still haven't 'fixed' it)
3~type one diabetes (over 9000 finger pokes to test her BG an average of 10 times a day, not to mention shots and pod changes and CGM sensor changes and, and, and, and!!!)

Yep, hate is a strong word and right now it isn't strong enough to express how I'm feeling about what my sweet Bean has and is going through and might have to face in the future.


  1. Poor Bean! That is just too much for one family, let alone one little girl to deal with. We also have a rough time ith tummy aches, but they're associated more with lows or crashing BGs than highs. I hope you figure it out soon and that sweet girl can get some relief.

  2. Oh no...bless your hearts. I hope you figure this out and it's NOT Celiacs...enough for her and for you. Big ginormous hugs.


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