Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14 ~ Today (#NDAMphotoaday)

Today, November 14th, is World Diabetes Day.  It's Sir Frederick Banting's birthday.  In case you aren't familiar with him, he's the guy who discovered insulin, the clear liquid that keeps Bean alive.

To support all those living with diabetes, we wear blue on this day.

So Bean would feel some of that support outside of our house, I sent home notes with her classmates on Monday explaining WDD and asking them to wear blue for her.

Here is what her circle of support looked like for her today:

Yeah, I kinda got teary eyed when I walked into her room and saw that all of the kids (with one exception, but at least he had blue on his coat for the picture) had worn blue shirts to show their support for Bean.

At the end of school, Bean handed out these treats....with the exception of the cookie, which they ate with their lunches.

Here's what the Sweet Bean Family wore today to show our support for all of our friends and friends' kids who live 24/7/365 with this crazy disease!

You can't possibly have a diabetes related celebration without these, which were made on the spot just for Bean at the grocery store after school.  She was beyond giddy that the bakery lady would do that for her.

Oh, and because she had been complaining about being thirsty all night, Bug had a BG check.

Nothing wrong with that number!!   Pay no attention to the date...this is the spare meter that doesn't get a lot of attention. :)

I feel blessed on this day to know so many amazing PWDs and CWDs and families.  It's a group of people, but for a hideous disease, I wouldn't have known.  However, I can't imagine my life without them.
I hope to be able to meet even more IRL, but even if I never get that chance, I know that in my computer live some wonderfully awesome people that I can lean on, and in turn offer my shoulder for support.

Happy World Diabetes Day!!


  1. Happy WDD to you and your sweet family... LOVING all the blue in this post!

    Can I have a cupcake now, please??

  2. Happy WDD!! That's awesome that Bean's class showed such support!!


  3. Love. I hope Bean felt the love, too. And you, too. And Bug and Ubergeek, too. This day makes me feel all mooooshy inside. XOXO

  4. So proud of all of you! Yes, I was wearing blue head-to-toe on WDD day! <3 XO (Mother of 'Mom of Bean', aka Mamaw)

  5. You guys are rocking the blue everywhere! Yay!

  6. That's great with the kids at school. This is our first WDD since diagnosis with T1 in Feb. I sent emails to the three schools in out town and they all sent home notes to wear blue. Amy said her entire class had blue on that day. I also had a handout made to distribute as well. I was quite proud of the support :)
    Love reading about your daughter!


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