Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13 ~ Meter (#NDAMphotoaday)

Meters, meters everywhere!  But, we really only use a couple of them regularly.

1. PDM (personal diabetes manager) ~ controls Bean's pod 
(insulin pump) and has a built in FreeStyle meter...
and a LIGHT on the test strip port (LOVE)
2. Precision Xtra glucose and blood ketone meter ~ we use it for 
the ketone feature and occasionally for a 'double check' for a BG
3. FreeStyle Lite ~ backup meter if the PDM freaks out 
since it uses the same strips
4. One Touch Ultra ~ Bean's first meter, affectionately called 
the Gold Standard since we would judge every other meter by this one 
for the longest time and still pull it out every once in a while to double
check those "where the hell did that number come from" BGs
5. AccuCheck Aviva ~ never used; LOVE the MultiClix lancing 
device that came with it and Bean uses it exclusively now as it hurts 
WAY less than any other lancing device she's used
6. One Touch Mini ~ was sort of a back up for the Gold Standard, 
but we never got consistent readings, so it wasn't used very much at all
7. Nova Max ~ blood ketone meter; we weren't utterly impressed with 
it's accuracy, so we  moved on to the Precision Xtra.

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