Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day, Second Grade

all ready to go...check out the tummietote peaking out! ;)

Today was Bean's first day of second grade.  She looks so big...and she should because she has gown about an inch and half since April!!

Ubergeek, Bean, and I had a 'brief' meeting with her teachers, the new nurse, and the new principal yesterday to go over the 'quick version' of the D care so they were prepared for today.  They were all very receptive and the new nurse even knows about T1...HUGE improvement over last year, to say the least.  A meeting to implement her 504 plan and have more in depth training will be scheduled soon.

She handled everything herself today (with teacher's supervision, as detailed in our meeting) and overall she rocked it!!  Not that I had any doubt, but with the excitement of friends and such...

After recess she was 68 (yikes!  need to change that 'not below 130' to 'not below 140' so she has her designated snack...she was 134, btw, before recess, and that little snack would have held her pretty steady during recess).  So, she slurped down her squeezable applesauce she carries in the D-backpack, and decided not to dose for her lunch, but went ahead and ate.  About an hour and a half later she tested and dosed.  She had only gone up to 266, so I think she made an excellent call!!

It was also my first day at school!!!  I found out yesterday at 2 that I would be filling in long term for a teacher who transferred to another school.  HELLO?!?!  18 hours notice to start teaching....seriously?!?!  Thankfully I was able to meet with my team teacher for a few hours so we could figure out a plan for today.

It's an interesting situation that I won't even try to explain...reason one being it's an incredibly bizarre schedule and reason two being I had about 3 hours of sleep last night!!  In a nut shell, I'm team teaching 4th grade Language Arts and then a 4/5 combo Language Arts and Math.

Today went well.  And it felt really good to be in the classroom again.  Kinda Really bummed that I didn't have time to set up the classroom (or dig out my teaching stuff from the garage ~ scary place!) so it looked a bit more inviting, but that will come in time, once I can get handle on the teaching part of it!

So...you will all have to pardon me as I fall behind on reading and commenting until we get into a groove.  It's quite to shift to our schedule ~ me working, Bean back to school with various after school activities, and Bean (oops correction) Bug going to childcare three days a week (the other two with Grandpa).  Yikes!!

Know that I am thinking of you all and missing your words terribly!  I will do my best to post here and there, but I'm not promising much...today was a 10 hour work day on 3 hours sleep...TIME FOR BED!


  1. Oh my Lantus! You guys know how to get busy really fast. I would be a cRaZy person if all that came down the pike at once . . . but you, my dear, can handle it. Shoot. You won't just handle it, you will rock it. I know this because Bean is a MAJOR ROCK STAR and she must have gotten your genes . . . and Uber's, but he is more of a Brain Star than a Rock Star. He just doesn't have the hair to be one ;)

  2. Congrats on all the great progress...independent Bean at school; and mama off to her first day! I knew everything would work out on the job front. (I like Bean's shoes by the way...)

  3. How exciting!!! Congrats on your new job, hope the schedule gets better soon and you get to bust out your school supplies...and sleep! :D

    Glad Bean is doing well and independent with D at school, you must be so proud!!!

  4. No apology necessary my friend. Good luck...sounds crazy. I'll be thinking of you! xo

  5. She looks so cute! Its school! Time!! ;)

  6. WOW!!!!!! Such awesome updates all around!!!!! Congrats on everything, my friend :) And that Bean is a COOTIEPATOOTIE! Love 2nd graders...wish we lived across the street so they could play!


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