Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh My Giddy Aunt!!

Since I can't seem to be able to run more than two sentences together at a time, if I want to make any sense, I will give you a bullet point run down of the RiDiCuLoUsNeSs that has made up the past few days.

  *  After getting to sleep in a quite house for an hour and a half Saturday morning (LOVE to Ubergeek for taking the girls to breakfast!!), we attempted to find some of my 'teacher stuff' in the garage.  NOT FUN, but we did find a few things, but not what I was really looking for.  Then we spent a good five hours in my classroom trying to get things organized, moved, and 'prettied up.'

  *  Upon returning home, I remembered that all the 'important, don't want to chance getting ruined by putting it in the garage' teaching stuff was put under the stairs when we cut a hole in the wall to make more storage.  That hole has been covered for the past 5 years with a bookcase, so we totally forgot it was even there!!  WAY easier to get stuff out of there than the garage!

  *  Sunday consisted of me singing at the four services at church.  With only one working car, that meant me going for the first service, returning home to pick up the fam, them leaving after second service and then returning for me after the third service.  I was home long enough to grab a bite to eat, bath the girls, freshen up, then headed back for service number four!

  *  This week at school, for me, has been a bit of a blur.  Found out Monday that not only had my teaching schedule changed (now teaching until 1:30 and then going to help out in the office til 3), but the subjects were a bit different meaning that the kids I was seeing in the afternoon I will now see in the morning and vice versa.  That also means I am sharing a classroom with the teacher who is teaching the last part of the day.

  *  Bean has been relying on Wilma for her 'before recess number' instead of testing like she has been told to do....and did all last year.  So it's made for some interesting lunch situations, needless to say.  Even after reminding her morning teacher that she MUST show a number on her PDM before she can go to recess, she didn't test.  Today, thankfully, she did test...let's hope that continues!

  *  Bean's BGs have been ALL OVER THE PLACE.  After having her crash just about every day last week, I adjusted her basal rates.  That seemed to do OK, but now we're seeing some sustained high numbers.  Breakfast is still a royal pain in the arse!  This makes for a very challenging 'learning' situation since it's down right impossible for Bean to concentrate when she's hanging out in the low 300s/high 200s for most of the morning.

  *  Bug is rockin her 'class' at all day childcare.  (I just can't bring myself to say daycare.)  It nearly broke my heart when I dropped her off on Monday.  She did great...after a couple of hugs she went to check out the toys and waved bye to me with a smile on her face when I left.  I seriously had to talk to myself on the way to the car to keep from crying.

  *  Found out that the new nurse at Bean's school has a brother who is T1.  HALLELUJAH!!!  Now if we can just find the money in the budget to have her there more than a couple of hours a couple of days a week, we'd be set!

  *  There is a mountain of laundry in the girls' room.  Bean mentioned the other night that I really should get around to doing the laundry.  I asked her when was I at home to be able to do that and she replied "um....never."  Sure seems like I'm never here...we all aren't here!  Today was the first day that we made it home in time for us to eat dinner before the girls should have been in bed.  Granted, that means I have a MOUNTAIN of papers to grade now, but at least we're home!!

  *  I MISS THE DOC!!!  I feel like an addict going through withdrawls!  I miss my friends that live in my computer.  Sure, I get to read the random post on my phone during lunch or waiting in the car while Ubergeek grabs some groceries because we can't handle taking both the girls in during the mad rush that is the afterwork crowd.  I miss being able to sit at my computer, sipping my morning coffee, and escape into 'our world' out there in cyber space.

  *  Getting to bed around 11, checking BGs at 2 (if not other times as well), then getting up at 5 SUCKS!  I'm trying, desperately, to get to bed earlier....last night it was not even 10 before my head hit the pillow...but it's hard because there is so much to get done at home.  UGH!  I know we'll figure it out.  I know it's only been a week and a half.  But it's draining me and I need to recharge!

  *  Last thought...because it's just typical of the life we all live....

when Bean dosen't have a tissue, I guess her butt will have to do!!

please excuse any typos, missed words, not taking the time to edit because there are still 5 sets of 42 papers to grade and I MUST get to bed at a decent time!  (oh, that's two classes ~ one with 19 and one with 21) :)


  1. Many thanks for writing this super filled post even though you don't have any time! We all love to hear what's going on. Hope you find some time for yourself soon.

  2. I was just thinking about you yesterday while driving home from the beach (my kids are still on summer break). I cannot imagine how busy you must be. Thanks for the update!!! xo

  3. Sorry things are so hectic right now!! Hopefully things will get better soon :) Isaac's bg's have been up and down lately also...our lowest lows/highest highs since being on the pump!! Hope you get some much needed rest soon. Thanks for blogging!!
    Love and prayers,

  4. Wow! Life sounds so busy. I hope things settle down quickly

    P.S. I use my butt, too. Especially at night. My PJs look terrible!!

  5. it's Bean's butt.... ;) I always know where the tissues are!

    edited post so it's clear :)it's Bean's butt.... ;) I always know where the tissues are!

    edited post so it's clear :)

  6. I was wondering what had happened to you! Hope life gets a little less crazy for you soon!

  7. oh my busy woman! i hope things smooth out soon and you all are able to find some down time in the evenings. You need your rest Momma and don't stress over the laundry and stuff too will always be there after you get some rest! HUGS!

  8. I am just now finally getting re-connected to everyone. See, I'm the opposite. At-home wife and mom and with the boys at home with me all summer, I lost the DOC and now have time (a little bit) to breathe! I get multiple service singing. Did it Sunday too (but we don't have four services!). AND maybe it was just me, but I heard the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir singing the Hallelujah chorus over the nurse news and I laughed outloud! Slow down soon girl. You'll explode. So good to catch up!

  9. We totally miss you too!!
    And Nate wiped his bloody finger on the couch today. Awesome! Miss you --- for reals!!

  10. I've missed you too! I'm trying so hard to catch up. Craziness!

    Haha love the pic, Justice is pretty sure that's why pants have pockets.

  11. Ha, love the times when there are no tissues, anything will do!

    The DOC misses you too! Glad to hear you are getting settled in the classroom. Hang in there...and hope you get some sleep! :)

  12. So glad to hear from you amidst the craziness! The picture at the end cracked me up! I tagged you in my last post. I bought Natalie a couple bracelets from ICOE for PE/ cute!


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