Friday, August 12, 2011

Ijumaa ni nzuri!

Roselady over at Diapeepees started Good Fridays...
a day to reflect on the 'good' of the week, no D allowed!  
Ijumaa ni nzuri!...Friday is good!
Swahili this week!

1. New Friends.  There is a new family at our school whose daughter will be in second grade with Bean.  We met them at a local indoor play area this Wednesday for a lunch play date.  The girls had already hit it off when they met at the school and the mom and I had, too.  We spent a lovely almost three hours chatting while the girls played.  It was lovely!  (oh, and because I just have to share this part...her cat has diabetes but when she told me that she started with 'it's TOTALLY different from Bean having it'...loved that!)

2. Job Search.  I'm trying my best to see the good in this.  I know it's there.     I currently do not have a teaching position for this school year...and since the first day is Tuesday, it's not looking all that promising.  I will be contacting the district so I can substitute...not my ideal, but it will be a paycheck; and that's really the bottom line at the moment.  I did figure out that although logistically it would be ideal for me to teach at Bean's school, I am becoming more aware that it wouldn't be a good idea.  It's one thing to become friends with people you work with; to start working with your friends is a completely different thing altogether!

3. Ubergeek.  The past couple of weeks have been very stressful, very busy, and very stressful (wait, did I say that already?)  Ubergeek has helped alleviate some of the load by having Bean tag along with him on some of his projects, bringing home dinner, and taking Bean to her eye appointment Tuesday by himself.  I love you, waia!

By the way...have you seen the ah-ma-zing give away Wendy is doing?  Holy Cow! Go check it out!!


  1. aww what a fantastic hubby you have! High fives to Ubergeek!! Glad to hear that you girls had a fun playdate with some new friends too. Sorry to hear about the non permanent teaching position for this year, but I wanted to mention that some of my most favorite teachers were actually subs:o) Also, my "secret" post from earlier is that Emma and I are taking a road trip to surprise visit my parents in wisconsin this coming Tuesday!! We are just going to show up on their door step and ring the bell! I am MEGA SUPER CRAZY nervous about how to manage BG's and pumping with a 9+hour road trip and was hoping to get some tips or advice from you all? Couldn't post about it cause my Mom reads my blog and it would've ruined the

  2. Love that your new friend started out the "Cat Diabetes" convo with it being totally different than The Beans...and good luck with the job scene. Something will materialize...I just know it!!!

  3. You know, Iowa needs teachers . . . just sayin ;).

    And, we could always use another Ubergeek over hear. I would even watch Bug while you work!

    New friends are super awschum . . . especially when they 'get it' and make a reference but realize it soooooo isn't the same.

  4. Good luck with the job search!!! Hope you find something soon.

    I swear there must be something in the air because I've been super stressed lately too. Glad your hubby is helping out and relieving some of the that! :)

  5. Good Luck with the search! The right thing will come along.... I just know it! Hang in there! :)

  6. i love ijumaa course its give to me good news i like it


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