Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making the Switch

As yesterday's post alluded to, Bean is now rocking Apidra in her Omnipod insulin pump!

After reading several stories about others who made the switch, doing some other research, and talking with our ANP on Monday, we decided it would be worth a try to see if we could turn those sky rocketing mountain peaks into rolling hills!

Well, meal number one that Wilma (our dexcom 7+) documented (due to Bean forgetting to put on her tummietote before we left for a lunch playdaye! Can I just tell you I MISSED Wilma, big time in those three hours!) gave us some serious encouragement!

now that's a post-meal spike I can handle!

For those of you wondering....we've set Bean's range on Wilma wider than the range we actually want her to be in so that it wouldn't alarm on those post-meal spikes during day camp last week...and just might keep them like that for school until we get things more leveled out.  The last thing I need is stressed out teachers because of all the buzzing!

One of the main issues we've been having of late is breakfast.  Bean doesn't always like to eat in the mornings, so we've been sticking to just a yogurt and from the information we had before (the BG test before lunch) showed that it treated her pretty well.
Um, no!  Enter Wilma and her wonderful graphs and we were seeing that she was actually going up a good 200 points before steadying out and then heading down.  Not really the desired effect, especially when that spike will soon encompass her entire morning at school!  Kinda hard to focus and learn with BGs doing the sky rocket/speed back down thing!

So, this morning, armed with Wilma and Apidra, we gave yogurt it's test.


From low 100s to low 300s....not what we were hoping for, to say the least!!

Oh, um, no attention to that lovely 310...starting lunch at 200 it's not terrible but obviously it's not coming down yet! UGH!!  Could also be due to the 'stress' from Bug...three year olds don't always understand just hanging out and watching a movie and Bean has been quite frustrated with her!! :)  Whatever.

But, feel free to focus on the beautiful steady line in the low-mid 100s over night....that's PURDY! 

So far it's mixed reviews...but we're just a bit over 24hours into the switch. 
Totally not making any decisions until we've been podding Apidra for at least a vial's worth...and we have a total of three from our ANP to test out! :)


  1. I was in apidra for a long time and I just switched to humlog recently and I haven't too much of a difference...

  2. Well. I so appreciate an honest post! "F-A-I-L". Hehehehehehe. So glad WE don't get report cards like that ;)

    I am sure you and Ubergeek will test that vial to it's limits and give a very cool report at the end. Looking forward to it!

    And, I noticed on Death of a Pancreas you are vegetarian. Go you!!!! I want to be but I crave my meat too much (don't go there).

  3. I'm gonna say yay for Apidra! I really think once you figure out the basals and ICS (we had to change them all), you will end up loving it.

    Can't wait to read more! xo

  4. I love the honest "fail" picture me feel less alone when I completely screw up combo bolusing a subway dinner (last night). I'm excited to hear how it all goes with Apidra!

  5. WoHoooo! I love the FAIL many of our mornings look like that...on Apidra. Perhaps they are a little less dramatic though.

  6. We pod with Apidra too! I hope it works out well for you ---- we've been using it for over a year and really like it.

    I love the Fail pic --- not because it's a fail but because you posted it as Fail. Love you and your funny self!


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