Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday is good!

Roselady over at Diapeepees started Good Fridays...
a day to reflect on the 'good' of the week, no D allowed!  
Friday is good!
English this week...cause my brain hurts!!

1.  We have survived!!  Holy Guacamole! What a CrAzY week it has been, but it's Friday and we've all made it!!  Yes, our butts are dragging.  Yes, the laundry has piled up.  Yes, the dishes have taken over the kitchen.  BUT we made it and I think we can make this work!!
  It has been really nice being back in the classroom.  Quite the shift from 'mommy mode' to 'teacher mode,'  to say the least.  Still trying to wrap my head around the schedule and what I'm teaching when, but I knew all the kids' names by the end of the first day...and there are 42 of them!  (Well, I did know about of them 15 before, but STILL!!)

2.  Bean is rockin the 2nd grade.  Great teachers, great rooms, great new nurse.  'nuff said.

3.  Bug says something nice...TO HER SISTER!!!  After a long week, we headed to one of our favorite places to eat for dinner this evening.  We were doing our best not to kill to keep the girls entertained while we were waiting for our food to arrive.  Ubergeek had asked Bean about her day and she told him about earning a very prestigious daily award given at her school.  To that, Bug says (and I'm not making any of this up!): Way to go (insert name)! That's AWESOME! Give me a high five!  That's COOL! Knuckle! (what we call a fist bump)  Ubergeek and I looked at each other across the table in proud utterly sweet!


  1. So glad you had a good week! I hope you can get caught up on things around the house and have a little rest time.

    Monday will be here before you know it!

    (Good luck on all those kid's names!!!)

  2. I have to say, I'm always thrilled when my children will compliment each other -- I totally understand where you're coming from...

  3. Yay for rocking 2nd grade!!! We start on Tuesday.

  4. WOW 45 kids?!?! So glad you are enjoying being back to school though. :D

    Hooray that Bean is doing great in school and the sweet Bug comment is adorable! Sounds like (even w/the dishes and laundry) it was a good week!

  5. First..42 kids??? Is that legal? Holy Cannoli! That would freak me out. You must be doing something right with the kiddos though-and YOURS are the best example! : ) Give yourself a fist bump! : ) Hugs!
    Hope next week is calmer. ; )

  6. just catching up on my blog reading Denise cause we just got back from our road trip yesterday! HIGH FIVES to you all for rockin it the 1st week of school!! :o)


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