Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday, The Best Day Of The Week

Yeah, so, Friday is always the best day of the week.

However, today in particular has been the best day of this week.

Bean has been in D-Hell this week.  Not sure if we're experiencing the 'Apidra Phenomenon' that others have mentioned ~ where the insulin seems to crap out at the 48ish hour mark and just doesn't seem to do it's job.  Or if it's her body reacting to the nasty cough she has.  Whatever it is, her BGs have been through the roof.

I got a call Tuesday around noon from her teacher letting me know that she had been in the 300s all morning and was complaining of being tingly.  (This is a new symptom for Bean, this 'tingly' feeling.  It's like parts of her body have 'fallen asleep' and the feeling is returning. Lovely.)
It was pod change day anyway and I had honestly toyed with the idea of changing it before school because her overnight numbers weren't fabulous and she was at 323 for breakfast. UGH!  But, since she was coming down (287 about an hour after dosing and twenty minutes after eating breakfast) I thought she could ride it out since morning pod changes are even less pleasant than evening ones.
No such luck on the waiting til before dinner to change the pod.  I headed to school to do a pod change and cranked her basal and gave her a shot to try to help her come down and stay down.  However, she still spiked into the 400s. Lovely.

She was 162 for dinner, so I figured all was right in D world again.  WRONG!

Overnight she crept back into the 300s and no matter how much I cranked her basal and rage bolused (we're talking almost doubling the freaking recommended bolus!!) those BGs just wouldn't budge.  She was doing pretty good at breakfast (169), so I was hoping that whatever was keeping her so dang high was on it's way out.  Yeah, right...I should totally know better by now!

She did OK during school.  No tingly feeling, no utterly terrible numbers to warrant a phone call, but still in the upper 200s, so not a 'good day' to say the least.

Overnight brings more numbers that are way higher than they should be (yep, totally changing those basals!) and I tell Bean that we're doing a pod change she'll be staying home for the morning so I can get her back into range before sending her to school. She FREAKS OUT.  Not the 'OK, Mom, I feel crappy from being high again all night and think it's a great idea for me to stay home for a while' that I was expecting.  OK, so I was expecting more like 'OK, Mom' and then her rolling over and snuggling back into her covers.  She tells me, through almost tears, that she has to go because they are finishing their Mothers' Day projects.  Yeah, go ahead and let out that 'awwwww'!  So I tell her she can go to school (such a nice mom I am!) and that she can come home at lunch if she's still running high.
Out comes the new vial of insulin for the pod change.  I add a hefty unit to the first bolus (we generally add 0.5u just to kick the new pod into gear...just seems to work for us, your D and pods may vary!) and cranked her basal to almost double what she normally gets.  I get a call after lunch that she's super tired (well, duh!) and I go grab her and let her nap on my side of the bed...amazing how much of a treat that is!
She wakes up at a wonderful 159.  Ah, new insulin and rest...wonderful things!!

The rest of the day went well and her overnight was way better.  She dipped to 99 and then spiked to 190 because of the applesauce to keep her from going lower, but I was totally OK with that.

Today brought numbers in range, other than her typical breakfast spike (but even that wasn't much above 250, which in Bean' book is dang successful!).  So glad that things seem to be regulating and the new basals seem to keeping her in check.

....until next time, that is!!


  1. Zane tonight right before bed started to complain his fingers were "tingly", first time I'd heard that. He too is running high tonight (due to a virus I think). Interesting to read your post right after that happening to us. Glad B is feeling better!

  2. My daughter has had the tingly feeling twice. The scary episode was when she cried for an hour due to a leg cramp after she was in the 300s for a couple hours. Glad you were able to fix the problem and she got some sleep to recuperate. Hope next week will go smoothly and be filled with great numbers. =)

  3. blah! stress, stress, stress! Nothing like not being albe to really point a finger at the "whys". sorry, here's for a better weekend!

  4. Strange how differently the insulins work! We tried Apidra, and it seemed to conk out after a couple hours - kind of felt like a faster but more light-weight version of Novalog, which has worked more like a tank for us (slower but effective). Really hope you guys have a good weekend and good BGs!

  5. OY to the highs! Am so glad that things seem to be working good now, my friend! What a sweetie pie too for wanting to finish the Mother's Day gift...:o)

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