Saturday, May 26, 2012

My D Blog Week ~ #6 ~ Bean's Day

Today we spent the day hanging out with friends.  It was a 'spend all day outside' kind of day and thankfully the sun joined us and the wind was fashionably very late.  Here is how some of the day went...

check to make sure all needed items 
are in the 'kit' before leaving the house

start up BGs needed for dexcom CGM  
as soon as we got there
(not a bad number since she had toast for breakfast
and that can send her through the roof.
guess starting at 70 and a cranking basal worked today!)

time for a juice to treat a sneaky 63.
also reduced her basal to half of what is usually is
since playing all day was on the schedule

time to test for birthday cake.
only dosed for about half since I knew she wouldn't 
eat all of it, and to prevent a possible low

"how're you doing?"
asked about a hundred times

quick Wilma check before we headed home

time for a 'real' number before bed

wish all our days could look like this!!!

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