Monday, May 21, 2012

My D-Blog Week ~ #1 ~ Find A Friend

So, here's my Day One for Diabetes Blog Week.  My Do Over officially starts today! :)

Let me start off by saying that I am so very thankful for the DOC!

I have 'met' so many friends that live in my computer and have even had the pleasure of an IRL meet up with one fab D-Mom.

I am looking forward to getting to meet more of those bloggy D-Folks at FFL and at other opportune times in the future.

But, today is about introducing you to a friend you might not know.  A friend who, like all of us, is now living with D.  She counts carbs, doses insulin, does night checks, worries about her boy's new challenges, AND she's a fellow Alaskan!!

Meet Becky of Pancreas FAIL!!  Her son, Seth, was recently diagnosed and they have already faced the challenges of traveling with D AND have started pumping!  I love her no nonsense style of writing.  I'm also looking forward to meeting up with her when she comes to the 'big city' (where I live) from her 'not so big city' way the heck up the road.  No specific plans yet, but we have a standing date for whenever she makes the 380ish mile trek. ;)

Go visit if you haven't yet....she's been around for a bit, but some of you may not have had the pleasure...

On a side note, Bean had her 'three month check up' today.  And, as predicted, her A1c was up from 8.4 to 9.0...honestly, an expected increase (just wish it wasn't such an increase!) with all the crap numbers we've been dealing with the past couple of months.  But, I still felt like someone punched me in the gut when the machine spit out it's little print out in black and white.  I love that our FNP never, and I mean NEVER, makes me feel like I haven't done my best, tried my hardest, with Bean's D care based on that obnoxious number.  We know it's a combination of insulin issues, growing (she's up another INCH!), a cold that seems to have turned into pneumonia, and other random kid things that can't be controlled or predicted!  We're starting a new 'three months' and will strive to get that number down to a 'better' place come August!


  1. off to check out Becky's blog now! and i just wanted to say i am dreading our next a1c...1 tummy bug, 3 colds, one bent canula, a growth spurt, 2 birthday parties, a tv appearance, and a friggin partridge in a pear tree this past 3 months...:o(

  2. UGH!!! On the increase of the A1C. Not because I am judging, but because I know and feel your heartache. Clean slate...go for it girl. And I'll have to head over and welcome this gal to "The Club". xo

  3. Denise! You are awesome, thank you for the shout out. :) And guess what! I will be in YOUR town the last week of June while S is at scout camp in Palmer. Are you available for a face meet?


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