Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My D-Blog Week ~ #2 ~ Kicking D Butt, Baby

Bean kicks D's butt in so many ways.

She tests her blood sugar with little to no complaining ~ she is 8, so a little complaining is totally allowed!

She knows the carb count on tons of foods and can bolus lightning fast!

She doesn't scream too much with pod changes ~ that tummy is sensitive!

She barely bats an eye at dexcom sensor changes ~ I think the fact that I'm the one pushing in the needle makes it better than the automatic-ness of the pod insertion.

Me, well, I do my fair share of D-butt kickin', too.

I make sure Bean's kit is stocked and ready to go.

I keep all of the various D supplies organized and refill prescriptions regularly.

I can calculate a carb factor lickity split....and add carbs together for meals dang fast, too!

I can change an alarming pod at school and get Bean to her pull out within five minutes.

I haven't slept through the night in almost two years and can usually function without a nap! ;)

On a side note, Bean got her braces today!  It's phase one of who knows how many phases to get her teeth where they are supposed to be.  Who knew that her having such a small cleft would create more issues.  She's doing well...pumping the Ibuprofen and eating pudding and yogurt! ;)  


  1. OMGoodness...you both kick "D's" BOOTY. And seriously??? Braces, already? UGH.

  2. what a CUTIE PATOOTIE!! I agree, you both are rockstars and kick some major booty!


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