Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My D Blog Week ~ #3 ~ Time To Get To Work

I think the biggest thing that Bean needs to work on is responding to Wilma, her dexcom CGM.

Yeah, not a huge deal in the D scheme of things, but there are times that if she would respond to that buzz, buzz or buzz, buzz, buzz, she wouldn't sky rocket or plunge into the proverbial toilet.

See, we have her alerts set to tell her when she's going above 260 and below 80.  She's pretty good a pushing the "OK" button to acknowledge buzzing (there are times she totally ignores it until we either prompt her to push it or we just push it ourselves).  But, she doesn't always, or rarely it seems, look at the display to see if she needs to do anything.

It's one thing for her to ignore the 260 alert after a meal if she's started in the upper part of her range or even in the low 200s.  Not a big deal.

But, it's totally another thing for her to just push the button when Wilma lets her know she's dipping below 80.  Sure, Wilma isn't always spot on, but she's generally close to right more than she's not.  So, ignoring an alert that her blood sugar is dropping can put her well into the 50s before she 'feels low' and tests.

Getting Bean to pay attention to one more thing about D, especially during school, can be a challenge.  But, now that it's summer, we're going to be working on paying attention to Wilma so that by the time school starts up in August, it will be second nature...hopefully!!

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