Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time For A Swim...Lesson

Since our summer plans will have us staying at a place that boasts a million gallons of water

picture from the Orlando World Center Marriott where FFL is being held

and a pool in my mother's neighborhood, we felt it was time for the girls to have some swim lessons.

They did great for their first lesson.  Sure, Bean has been in a pool before, but hasn't ever had any real lessons to know how to do more than splash around.  Bug, however hasn't been in anything but a bathtub.  And it was actually a big deal for Bug because she H A T E S having water in her face and washing her hair usually results in screaming.

They are both looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. Hope they have a great time :) Maybe they will be swimming like fish before summer!!

  2. Oh MY! Your destination looks like a BLAST.

  3. Awww...so cute!!!!! Yay for swim lessons!!!!!!!

  4. Oooh fun!!! Florida looks amazing. I am sure they will catch on quick. :) My kids are fish in the water (but they have to be, since we have a pool in order to survive the heat of the summer!)


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