Thursday, May 24, 2012

My D Blog Week ~ #4 ~ In My Dreams

In my D dreams, there would be a device that would make the 'extra' blood from a finger poke magically go away once the amount the strip needs is sucked up.  Bean has this obsession with wiping that blood anywhere but on a tissue, especially when that tissue is not presented to her by me when she's testing.  There are blood smears on pants, shirts, socks, on the strap that holds her poker in her D bag.  You name it, there's probably Bean's blood on it!

Now if we are going to get CrAzY, I'd love a device that would monitor blood sugar and appropriately dose the correct amount of basal or bolus insulin all day, every day....Oh, Wait...That's called a PANCREAS!!!  Silly me!  Yeah, one of those, that WORKS, for Bean would be fab!!  



  1. omg Emma will lick the blood off...yuck...she told me once that she does that so she can put some of the blood back in her cause I take so much every day....ughhh

  2. Seth grosses me out. This cracked me up. :)


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