Friday, February 10, 2012

NaBloPoMo #10 ~ Living Close to Family

NaBloPoMo February 2012
Today's prompt:  "Do you live close to your family?"

Close...that word has A LOT of definitions and can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.

In this instance, it's used as an adjective.  Definition 10, according to Merriam Webster, in fact.

"10:  being near in time, space, effect, or degree."

I'm gonna say that 4,305 miles (by car, according to google maps) isn't close in time, space, effect, or degree.

Part of me is OK with the fact that I don't live close to my family:  my mother, sister and her family.
When  I moved to Alaska, it was at a time in my life that I needed to make that change; distance myself from everything that I had known and everyone who knew me.  I had live in Georgia for all but the first 13 months of my life and although I didn't live in a 'small town,' things and people were way too familiar and I felt pigeon holed to an extent.
I needed that breathing room.  That space to figure out for myself who I was outside the realm that I had existed in for pretty much all my life.
I love Alaska...except for the days when it's 20 below and there's only a few hours of daylight, but those aren't the norm, thankfully.  I love the beauty that I see on a daily basis...the mountains, the wildlife.  I like the slow pace, even in the 'city'...practically no traffic and you can get anywhere in town within 20 minutes, 30 tops, if you happen to be in the traffic.

Part of me REALLY HATES the fact that I don't live close to my family.
Days like today, when the girls are still sick (though thankfully NOT puking anymore) and I've been hit with the stress of dealing with sick kids since Monday night, having very little sleep, manifesting in a killer headache and stomach cramps...luckily I haven't been puking...when Ubergeek has to go to work because there are several things that have to get done, by him, today, and he had already stay home yesterday to help out since I didn't even think about trying to go to sleep until 5:30 in the morning because Bean was puking every hour.
Yeah, on days like today, it would be really nice to be able to call my mother (who happens to have Fridays off!!) and curl up in my bed and forget the rest of the house and world exists!
It would be nice for my girls to be able to spend more than a couple of weeks a year with their mamaw and aunt, uncle, and cousins.  They both love when my family comes to visit or when we go there to visit them.  They have both always been instantly comfortable with my family...something I can't say for other parts of the extended family, sadly.

Sure, Ubergeek's parents live close and they are a big help.  They have been there to watch the girls when we needed a date night, had a meeting, or more recently when I was subbing everyday and couldn't pay for daycare everyday of the week.  They watched Bean when I was in the hospital 'early' when Bug was born.  They watched Bug when we had to spend the night in the hospital when Bean was dx'ed.  They are pretty much there whenever we need them, and that is a huge comfort and help.

 But, there's just something about having your family help that makes all the difference.


  1. Great post...I should have done this month!

    I live close to my family and a LOVE it. However, I kind of despise living in Arizona. Too hot, too dry, too brown. We lived in Minnesota until I was 12. My husband is from Oregon, so his family is there (although is mom has a house down here now for a few months) I would LOVE, love, LOVE to live somewhere Colorado or something, but I cannot give up the closeness to my family. My mom is 5 minutes away and it is so great for ALL of us. So....I will stay here.

  2. I so understand the needing to find your own way...away from your fam. I moved to VT ... knowing no one here. It was 17 years ago...the best decision for me. Sure, there are times that I wish I had family closer to help out with the kids and to hang with...especially during sickness...AND...our recent LICE outbreak. LOL

  3. total same same my friend...i moved away from home when i was 18...and at times i love it...other times i hate it. Totally relate to this post! xoxo


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