Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NaBloPoMo #29 ~ The Best Part

NaBloPoMo February 2012
Today's prompt:  What's the best part
about being in your family?

My family...the one where I play the role of daughter...was/is a great family to be a part of.  (ugh, I don't like ending a sentence with 'of' but saying 'a great family of which to be a part' just sounds pretentious!)

It's a loving family that expresses that love freely.  That supports each other in any way needed.

No matter how many miles are between us, no matter how much time is in between visits, we are forever connected and nothing can break that connection.

My family...the one where I play the role of a great family to be a part of.  (ugh, again!)

It's a loving family that expresses that love freely.  

We have fun together, cuddle together, get things done together.  

Sure, there are times when the girls drive me crazy.  When Ubergeek drives me crazy.  When I get overwhelmed with all of the stuff that comes along with being 'mommy.'  But I wouldn't trade this family for anything in the world.

I got to thinking after my post about the miscarriages, how different our family might have been if that first pregnancy went full term.  Bean wouldn't exist because she was conceived while I would have been still pregnant.  While I still wonder about that child, I can't imagine my world without Bean.  With all of the 'stuff' she's been through, we've been through with her, my world would be empty without her.
And then there's Bug.  Would the timing have been the same for her to have entered the world?  Early on in my pregnancy with her, we thought I was miscarrying.  What if she never came to be?  Holy cow, what a boring world this would be without her!  She is silly and funny and downright ridiculous.

Nope, wouldn't trade my family for anything in the world...either of them! 


  1. Wow. I don't really know what to say, thanks for sharing. I almost fell out of my chair. Thank you for blogging, I really enjoy it.

  2. loved reading this my friend...I hope one day to meet up with you and the girls and Emma...I can hear the crazy high octave squeal of little girls in my head already...LOL. High fives for posting for the whole month!! Totally had to go back and check them all for ones I missed :o)

  3. I love this post and your reflections...your family sounds awesome to be a part of. ;)

  4. My favorite part of your family is that you are all wickedly funny . . . and cute . . . yes, even UberGeek ;)


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