Monday, February 13, 2012

NaBloPoMo #13 ~ Blood and Water

NaBloPoMo February 2012
Today's prompt:  What do you think of the saying,
"blood is thicker than water?"

I'm sitting here, pretty confident that I agree with this statement, but when I go to type that I agree with it, examples of why I don't agree with it come to mind.

I do think that 'family' automatically has this unspoken connection; an underlying bond that just goes without saying.

I also think it's easier to break bonds with friends than with family, although this is one of the examples that has me conflicted.

However, I think it's totally possible to have a tighter relationship with someone who isn't related to you than with a family member.  It's doesn't take 'blood' to cause you to stick with them through thick and thin, no matter what the cost or consequence.

sorry for the suckage today...wiped out from dealing with BGs most of the night, being back in the classroom today, and having to stop mid-sentence to go clean up a vomiting Bug.  soooo thought we were past this!


  1. I am on the fence with that one. I think that true family doesn't always have to be bonded by blood. Sadly, I have found more support these past few years by non- "blood" realted family.

  2. Yikes (r.e. low BGs and such) - bad GI bugs making the rounds here. Not much sleep, either. Hope everyone's well soon!

  3. Hope she feel's better soon and that you all get some rest..Love and prayers.


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