Saturday, February 18, 2012

NaBloPoMo #18 ~ Eight Point Four

NaBloPoMo February 2012 write...

Earlier this week, Bean had her three month check up with her FNP...aka the 'let's see how good of a job I'm doing as her pancreas' appointment.

Having reviewed the BG trends on her PDM (controller for her omnipod insulin pump) and plugging them into two different 'figure out your own A1c' formulas I found online, I was hoping for a nice number on that little piece of paper.  (in case you want to try your hand at it... A1c ~ average BG + 100, then divide by 36 OR Hba1c ~ average BG + 86, then divide by 33.3)

Given the possible numbers I figured out (7.8 and 8) and the possible A1c from Wilma (Bean's dexcom) (high 8s, can't remember at the moment exactly), I wasn't terribly disappointed, not thrilled, but not utterly surprised with her 'actual A1c.  


A decent number since her goal is to be below 8.5.  Sure, something that starts with a '7' would be fab, but I'll gladly take a 0.4 decrease from her November A1c.

It's been a crazy three months, what with the holidays, stomach bugs, and growth spurts (up 1/2 inch in the past three months).

I tried really, really hard to accept the FNP's praise and kudos for the all the hard work that goes into being a stand in pancreas.  I'm not beating myself up so much least not this week!

All in all, a good report and if I can get these basal rates to cooperate a bit better, maybe we'll see another nice number come May!


  1. Your doing a great job, mama :) Ours is coming up soon. I expect a slight increase since we have been running him higher all afternoon for while he goes to aftercare. My fingers are crossed its no a huge increase.

  2. Every day it's easier to feel more and more relaxed about stats.


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