Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NaBloPoMo #7 ~ Extended Family Favorite

NaBloPoMo February 2012

Today's prompt:  Who is your favorite person in your extended family?

I've been tossing this around all night and all day....again, there's benefits to having a 'late' time zone. ;)

Plus, I had time to think during the night because Bug was throwing up most of the night.  She's feeling better, is keeping down dinner, and is acting like her normal silly self.

So, back to the tossing...

My extended family didn't even make it passed my first thoughts.  Just not 'favorite' material, I'm sad to say.

My thoughts then turned to Ubergeek's extended family....my family-in-law.

There were a few people that came to mind, but were somewhat easily dismissed from the running.

Then 'the cousins' came to mind.  Ubergeek's mom's brother's girls.  Three of the wackiest females I know.  We'll call them E, S, and L.

When Ubergeek and I were newly married, we would house and cousin sit when his aunt and uncle would go out of town.  We suffered through their Hanson obsession, talked E through how to deal with a long distance relationship (we were foremost experts since we did long distance for four years), and saw each of them graduate high school and go on to college.

Now they are all adults and are still some of the wackiest females I know.  The three of them are super close, even though they are now geographically very far apart.  I love it when they all come in for a holiday because they keep each other and everyone else immensely entertained!

What I also LOVE about them is the way they play with our girls.  They've each (and sometimes two at  a time) baby sat on one occasion or another and the girls have soooo much fun when they are here.  They play with the girls just like they are little girls them selves.  I am in awe of their imaginations and ability to get lost in play.

S watched the girls about three months into Bean's diagnosis.  She was a trooper, listening to all of my instructions.  I remember her calling, hoping for some help because Bean's finger would not bleed for her to test for dinner.  They had gone through three strips already and she was beginning to panic.  Once a different finger was selected and effectively 'milked' all was well.  Then I get another call and the insulin pen Bean was using at the time wouldn't prime.  (Yeah, it was taking all I had to not rush home and chuck the whole idea of me ever getting to be away from Bean, ever.)  So, I talked S through that process and insulin went shooting across the room ;) and then into Bean's arm and all was well again.

This is the same cousin who masterfully helped up with the You Can Do This video....see right side of blog. ;)
Yeah, she's pretty awesome. ;)

E and L are just as awesome.  One of the first times we left Bean and Bug, when Bug was still quite little, we came home to E and Bug laying on the floor, hanging out there staring at the ceiling together because that was the only way Bug was happy that night.  And L puts up with Ubergeek's endless medical questions...she's a nurse, going for her FNP.

Yep, I love me some cousins-in-law. :)

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