Saturday, February 4, 2012

NaBloPoMo #4 ~ A Plethora of Pods

NaBloPoMo February 2012

Weekends designated 'free writing.'

We've had more than our fair share of pod changes this week.  Well, Bean has.  She's the one that has had more than her fair share of UniSolve, Skin Prep, alcohol swabs, and cannula insertions.

Monday, during dinner:  beeeeeeeeeeeeeep!  Slight groan, followed by a little giggle and a "that would be me" from Bean.

We finish dinner since she had already been dosed for it and then get all the necessary stuff together and slap a new pod on her leg.

But, when this one goes 'pop' her leg bleeds.  Not something we've ever seen before.  There's blood in the cannula and when I put a little pressure on the top part of the pod, blood oozes a little into the viewing window.  Not OK.

So, off comes that pod and on goes a new one.  There's some resistance and some extra drama for effect, but   this pod goes in just fine and the evening progresses as usual.

Tuesday, dinner time, and it's time to test and dose.  The PDM does it's little alert beeeeep to let us know that there is no active pod.  Um, is there something you forgot to tell us, Bean?  Her pod had alarmed at Drama Club after school, she deactivated it, and then just forgot to tell us.  Great.

Out comes all the necessary stuff, again, to do a quick pod change so she can eat dinner and get to a dance performance. 

We arrive at the performance, right on time amazingly enough, and as we are walking to the building, I hear that familiar 'beeeeeeeeep.'  I stop, look at Bean and ask her it that's her beeping.  She stops, listens, and says she doesn't think it's her, but after a few seconds more, she moans and says, 'yep, that's me.'

So, in we go, deactivate the pod and find a place to do an impromptu pod change.

Thankfully that pod lasted it's full 72+ hours, and we changed her pod last night before bed.

This time I convinced told her that she was going to have it one her hip/bum because her tummy and legs needed a break.  (We reserve arms for Wilma, her CGM.)  With a little help from Hallie's picture of Princess, Bean was a bit more OK with it.  She was, however, concerned with the fact that the pod might not stay on if it got pee on it.  (Because of her bladder condition, she wears a pull up at night and when her BG is high, it tends to get pretty soaked.)  I told her that it would be fine because it would be kinda like taking a bath. Famous last words.

This morning, Bean comes into my room saying that her pod really hurts and that she thinks it's coming off.  And, sure enough, the adhesive is all wet and it coming loose right around the cannula viewing window.  Great, another pod change!

I totally blame this on the fact that Ubergeek made the comment Monday night that it had been a pretty long time since we had had a pod alarm.  You just don't say things like that! :)


  1. What was he THINKING saying that!? Uuuubs jinxed ya fo' sho. AND. Dear Lord woman!!! You are participating in NaBloPoMo? YIKES! That is commitment. xo

  2. We need to make a list of top 10 things you dont say.

  3. ARGH!! that is a whole lotta pods...I hope this week goes better for you girls and BOO to the jinxing!! LOL!


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