Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 46 Minute Difference

Bean has been having some wonky numbers since her pod change on Monday.  

We tried putting the pod 'upside down' for us...with the window where you can see the cannual pointing down...because I've seen so many pictures of pods going that direction lately, we thought we'd give it a try.

Pretty sure that's why we've been seeing a ton of 200s and some 300s....not really numbers we like to see to say the least!  Yeah, there have been some 100s, but not as many as there typically are and I don't like that.

Last night as Bean was going to bed, she wanted to test.  Nothing really out of the ordinary and something we are OK with to make sure she's in a good place before she drifts off to dreamland.  She's been feeling low sometimes when she's actually high...either way, it's good to know, but it's getting frustrating.  

OK, back to last night...8:30 and she's at 265.  Not terrible since she had had a popcorn snack not quite an hour and a half earlier.  20 minutes later she's insisting that she feels low and needs to test again.  Now, I know numbers can drop fast, but lately she's been using needing to test as a stall tactic at bedtime.  So hard to not let her test, but....  We talk it over for a few minutes and in the end she tests again and she's at 277.  A bit of a learning opportunity that sometimes highs can feel like lows and off to bed she goes.

We get up to bed a bit later than we should have since Ubergeek had to go to work today...yes, he's called several times to whine about it and to check on his girls! ;)

11:27pm and Bean is at 178...not really a number I'm OK with that early into the night.  So, off the basal goes for two hours and I set my alarm to check her.

1:30am and Bean is at 165...nice!  I'm liking that she's pretty much holding steady with no basal, but know that she has a tendency to spike up without it for too long.  So, I set her basal at 50% (0.05u for her for this time of night...still amazes me that I can give her such a tiny amount!) and set the alarm to check her in two hours.

This is where I whine about the fact that I've been home for three nights and I'm back to having to wake up every two hours...not fun!  When does my next vaca start?!?!  Oh, and back off 'anon' about the fact that Ubergeek could have done one of the night checks...boy had to get up and go to work for the first time in 10 days...he needed to sleep!

3:31am and Bean is at 163....lovely!  Knowing that her reduced basal has two more hours, knowing that I have to get Ubergeek up in three hours (he doesn't hear alarm clocks, so I wake him...yeah, I'm nice like that!) I plan to check her when that alarm goes off instead of getting up in two hours and then again an hour later.

Ubergeek's phone buzzes at 6:15 to let him know he's gotten an email...hate that feature!
So, he starts his morning a bit early and I go down the hall to check Bean.

6:17am and Bean is at 304....WHAT?!?  Now, there's no way in hell that she's spiked that high from having a reduced basal....we only see those kinds of spikes when we've missed a low.  How the flippidy-flip-flip did that happen?  Two checks at two hour intervals = nice steady numbers.  One check off of that two hours by 47mins and we're looking at a missed low causing a spike to 304?!?!

Don't get me wrong, I am totally thankful for that spike because it could have been a low that could have sent us to the ER.  I just don't understand how/why it happened...beyond the fact that her liver dumped because she was low.

I know, I know, welcome to the world of T1D where nothing makes sense and numbers come out of nowhere.

Needless to say, when we change her pod in a little bit we'll be going back to the 'cannula up' position we are used to!

And, needless to say, this will be just one example we will be discussing with our NP on Monday when we push for a CGM!!


  1. I have become so dependent on our CGM. The direction of where Joe's BG is heading really guides my treatment. I now feel blind without it. I sense a post coming on...xoxo

    AND...have I told you lately that you are one Rockin' Involuntary Head Pancreas In Charge? No, I don't think I have. You are. 'Nuf said.

  2. I hope you get your cgm!! We recieved ours in the mail yesterday! We start our pump Tues..but the Endo. doesn't want us to start cgm until 2 weeks after our pump start!!(or even until Aug..NOT going to happen!!) I think it would be nice to start at the same time! But I am thankful to have these two tools!! Our ins. paid 100% for both since we had met deductibles!
    Sorry bg's are wierd/high..hope they get better soon! Isaac has been higher also..may be coming out of some of that honeymooning...

  3. Yeah.... We had a night similar to that. It was ugly. UGLY. no rhyme or reason. Makes me flippin' crazy! And you know how we love our cgm!! Good luck!

  4. You are so awesome!! I can't believe you get up every 2 hours! What a fantastic D mom :)

  5. Those surprise numbers that seemingly come out of nowhere frustrate me every time!

    Hope you get your CGM! We love, love, love ours!


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