Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Girl and Her Daddy

There is a special bond between a girl and her Daddy.

It defies reason.
     Like when he got out of the car at a stop sign to chase my hat that flew out the window.

It defies understanding.
     Like during those times that we would be so frustrated with each other because we were so much alike.

It defies logic.
     Like when I called him from college (7+ hours away) when my car broke down.

It defies the laws of space and time.
     Because even though he's been gone for almost two and half years, I can still hear him and feel him.

I see a similar bond developing with Ubergeek and our girls.

Yes, he drives them as crazy as they drive him, but at the end of the day they are all cuddled together on the couch watching some random kid movie for the millionth time.

I am truly blessed to have found a guy who would rather stay home with his family than go out with the boys (though he does that at times because it's good for him to have those friends);
who is always looking out for our safety and well being (though at times I can't see things from his perspective and get so frustrated with his decisions);
who spends countless hours working, either at his job or with his clients to provide for us (though he would rather be spending more time at home and when he's really 'in demand' I wish he was at home more).

He may not be the full-time pancreas, but he sure knows more than enough to step in and let me 'escape' for six days.  (Yes, I am still asking him about his post about that week....).  He knows that D is a team sport and wants to be a very involved member of that team; from going to all of Bean's appointments to checking with me during night checks to make sure we are both on the same page.

I had an amazing role model and hero in my dad.  I am so glad that my girls have one in theirs!


  1. What an adorable family! Ubergeek sounds fantastic, as did your Dad. Sorry you are missing him...HUGS!

  2. What a gorgeous family! Thanks for sharing-it's good to see you guys : )
    Your dad sounds wonderful-I think that's my problem-I'm too much like my dad. : )

  3. Yay for awesome dads!! And what a sweet family you have, Denise. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. AWWW....Uberbeek is da BOMB!!!! Thank you for sharing a bit more with us Denise. I hope you all had a nice Father's Day.

  5. Such a sweet tribute to both dads!!! Love that he'd rather stay home and watch kiddie movies...mine is the same way. :)


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