Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You Can Do This, Sweet Bean Style

Kim over at Texting My Pancreas came up with this amazing project.  If you haven't had a chance to check out some of the videos or make your own, I would highly recommend it!!

Here is My Sweet Bean and Her Pod's contribution to the project.  I will apologize now for the 'it' instead of 'this' in a lot of the "you can do this" parts...but I think it gets the point across none-the-less! ;)

We had a great time filming this with "Cousin Sarah" and are so honored that she took the time to put it together for us.  
She is truly gifted in the video arts!! 


  1. AWESOME video Denise!!!!! Loved the costumes on Bean. Her positive attitude is so inspiring. Your words about making D a friend as much as possible instead of an enemy are so true. If you take care of your friend, your friend will take care of you. I'm going to try harder to think of that when diabetes has her tantrums. I loved your video!!! :)

  2. i love all the little stars, and the music is perfectly perfect -- and i loved how you showed your daughter doing so much! Roselady

  3. What a wonderful VLOG!!!! FINALLY, I got to see you ANIMATED!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    OK. Bean, you, your family are amazing. You show us all day-in and out that "WE CAN DO THIS...AND...WE CAN DO IT WELL!"


  4. Every time I start to think of my pump as the enemy, I try to correct that negative thinking by calling it my "friend," so I really liked that part in the video. I also loved all the photos showing that you really can do anything...and I LOVE when Bean said, "and that is not a big deal." :)

  5. Love it! And loved seeing you and Bean :) Glad I found you. You are so inspiring!

  6. i love you!! and Bean! great video and everything you said is so so true! thank you for being in my "puter" well my phone. muah!! heart you :)

  7. Love this and your sweet girl! Thanks for your hopeful message! Nicole D.

  8. What a wonderful video Denise!! You and Bean did a great job! Thanks for the help and support that you have given me! Beautiful background behind you on the video also.. Have a great day!
    Love and prayers :)

  9. Denise! Something you said here will stick with me now forever..."the way i deal with it [diabetes], will be the way she [my daughter] will deal with it."
    ok...this was helpful...thank you!

  10. Wonderful video...I loved the editing and music.

    It was great to hear your perspective as a D-Mom and also to see Bean and her great attitude.

    And coincidentally, Q has that exact same peach-colored Lands' End parka. Very difficult to keep clean though! (Or is that just us?)


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