Monday, June 6, 2011

One Year, One Day

It's been one year and one day since Bean's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

During her four months, two weeks of MDI, she had at least 520 shots.
During her almost eight months of pumping with OmniPod, she's had at least 260 pod changes.
During her one year, one day of testing her blood sugar, she's poked her fingers at least 4,026 times.

She has accepted this path for her life with the most amazing courage and grace I've ever seen...and she's 7.
She carries this disease day in and day out, with no breaks, no time off, no choice in doing it or not.
She wears her pod with honor, never choosing to place it where it can't be seen because of a performance or activity where others might ask her about it.
She doesn't want this, doesn't like this, but she holds her head high and educates people every chance she gets.
She is my hero.

We walk this road with her, but have no real idea what it's truly like.
We measure and weigh food, count carbs for/with her, but can eat how ever much we want, whenever we want.
We give juice boxes for lows, but don't have the slightest idea what her body is going through.
We give water and corrections for highs, but can't understand how out of control she feels.
We pray, hope, and dream for a cure, but know no matter how much we want it, no matter how much money we raise or donate, it might not be a reality for her.
We trust God and His plan for her life, even when it makes no sense to us and we don't understand why D had to be a part of it.

It's been one year, one day.
She has a lifetime to go.

Celebrating, because what else would we do?
She insisted on the candle...and singing! ;)


  1. She sounds remarkable! Looks like the celebration was a fun one. :)

  2. It is something to celebrate for sure!!! High five to Bean for the awesome way she handles her diabetes!

    Not a day goes by that I don't think about the fact that I check numbers, count carbs, give shots, treat lows, treat highs, buy supplies, set alarms, feel worry, and so on, but Jack is the one who truly experiences diabetes. You captured my thoughts perfectly.

  3. a celebration wouldn't be complete without a candle and singing...hope you did your Dmom song ;-)

  4. this was a great post! you were able to capture excatly what I think most days! thank you for that.

  5. Happy dia-versary to you and bean!

    What song did you sing?

  6. You captured the moment perfectly...and I have slowly realized that this is Joe's to carry. Not alone mind you, but it is he that will have to deal with it all...forever, or until a cure is figured out. You said it well friend.

    AND...YAY on cake and the candle. Way to celebrate "LIFE". B/c that is what it is. With "D" in our lives we respect it and embrace it, "life", oh so much more.

  7. Nice to celebrate any chance we get -- and it helps take some of the sting away in situations like this one. Roselady

  8. sigh.. so sad. but she sounds like the most lovely girl. one year down. hugs to you bothxx.

  9. What amazing strength Bean has! I am amazed at how our kiddos just accept what they have to deal with. I could learn a lesson from them. :) We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary in August...and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm sure we will mark it in some way. :)

  10. Happy Diaversary to the Bean & co! And continue to celebrate all the fantasticalness that is your daughter!

  11. Happy Diaversary!!! I'm glad you got a chance to celebrate :) that cake looks amazing!

  12. Happy Diaversary! Our 7yr old son will be celebrating his one year next week (6/15). Your post encourages me as I walk through this surprisingly emotional time. Our kiddos are amazing, partly because they have awesome parents who are in the wings supporting them every step of there way. Thank you! You put a smile on my face.

  13. Very well said, and Happy Day to you Bean!! Big huge HUGS to you Denise! Congrats on doing such a fantastic job day in and day out for the past one year and one day Momma. <3

  14. Happy Diaversary!!! Glad you all enjoyed a celebration of LIVING a happy and healthy year (and a day) with D!

  15. I loved it. Happy Diaversary to Bean and to you, you wonderful d-momma, you! It is worth celebrating the life, the courage, the strength. Ryan is already talking about how he wants to celebrate his 2nd in December. We did it pretty big. And now they'll expect more! (Yikes) Good for you. Good for her. Some bittersweet for momma but nevertheless . . . Good. ((hugs)) ~Amy

  16. YAY! Happy happy day! Welcome to year 2...YOU GOT THIS, MAMA!


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