Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The one where I pretend I'm not thinking about Bean at camp...

I thought I'd share some random pictures today. 

Nothing else on my mind to blog about! ;)

This was me at my 'birthday party' in March at Ubergeek's 
parents' house.  Bean had been there for most of the 
day 'preparing' and I needed to enter her data 
in my app on my phone, where I keep my log.

Even at a birthday party, D-moms are on the clock!

Just a cool number we felt needed to have a picture taken of it.  

Thumbs up, indeed!!

hand credit to my mother! ;)
This is a plate that belonged to my great-grandmother.  
It's the coolest plate I think I've ever seen.
I came across them while I was in Georgia for my nephew's 
graduation when we needed to find plates for the dessert party 
my sister was hosting.  My mother said they were used all the time 
for 'ladies lunches' that my great-grandmother would host.  
I thought they were super cool because not only do they have 
a cup that goes with them, with a little rim to keep the cup in place, 
BUT there's a cool section for your THUMB so 
you can carry it around, filling it up yummy eats without having to 
worry about the food getting on your thumb 
or your thumb getting in your food!  


Here's another 'find' I came across at my mother's house.  
This is a caricature of me when I was 11. 
 I can remember it hanging on my closet door in
 my bedroom for years and years!

All I can say is thank God for contacts and then lasik surgery!!

Oh, and because there's no way I can actually get through this post without mentioning it.....

Our DEXCOM arrived today!!!  WOO to the frickin HOO!!!
Kinda glad Ubergeek will have some time to play around with it while Bean is at camp!

Oh, and we found out that we can get some 'insider' information on how Bean is doing because of a connection through Grandma.  Haven't heard anything since she told us about the connection this morning, but we'll see what comes of it!  We know she's being taken very good care of medically...we just want to know that she's having a good time...and eating and sleeping!! ;)


  1. Praying for you all.. Bean will be back home before you know it :) So glad you got your Dexcom!!

  2. Which app are you using on your phone? I'm always looking for an easier way to log.

  3. The best part of this post is Dexcom. And your old glasses. But, really, the Dexcom is even better. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  4. Very cool plate, those need to make a comeback!

    Yay Dexcom!!!!!!

    I had some of those same glasses...they were so heavy! :)

  5. I Love Pictures! Thanks for sharing and that plate is for sure neat!

  6. LOVE the plate with the "thumb" placement divet. Way cool.

    AND...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT on the Dexcom. Ubs (pronounce "OOBS") will have it figured out in no time at all.

    Love ya!!! I hope you get word today about the Bean.

  7. Love the random pics!! WOOHOO for Dex arriving as well!! Everytime I go visit my parents (they live in the states and I live in Canada) I am forever begging my Mom to please take down the caricature they have hanging up STILL of my brother and I circa 1985...lol...the buck teeth and mullet style hair is entirely to embarassing to be seen by anyone..lolol

  8. 123 is a fantastic number! Totally worthy of a picture :)

  9. Random pics are the bestest ;). They provide a window into your world and let us all know how much MORE fabulous you guys are!

    Soooooooo, where is the photo catching the expression on Ubergeek's face when he opened the package and turned it on??? I bet I was priceless. I can't wait to hear about your experience with the Dex!

    And, let us know how Bean is doing when you hear from your inside source. I have been thinking about how hard it must be not to know everything!!! Will they provide you with a log of her numbers at the end?

    How is Bug holding up as an only child? ;). Loving it or hating it?

  10. Woo Hoo!! Dex is awesome! I hope you love it as much as we do! Camp- wow! So glad you have an insider!


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