Thursday, June 23, 2011

SWAGing Spilled Milk

I'm not one to cry over spilled milk...I'll cry about pretty much anything else on some days, but whatever!

I'm not one to be all that upset about spilled milk....UNLESS that milk was supposed to consumed by Bean and I have no real idea how much was in the cup before it ended up on the carpet, no less....and her enlightened insight on the contents of the cup was 'um, a lot.'  So helpful!! ;)

Plus it doesn't help that we're trying out a new carb:insulin ratio for lunch because she's been hitting the high 200s to low 300s for afternoon snack for a little over a week.

Add to that the LOG I'm having to keep this week to present to the camp folks on Sunday.  Don't even get me started on THAT!  I don't know why it's giving me panic attacks....I mean, I keep track of all of Bean's BGs and boluses and our NP and CDE see them on a regular basis, but something about writing them down on a piece of paper that's glaring at me from the table and that will be handed over to strangers (who I feel will be judging my pancreatic skills from one week's worth of data!) is stressing me out!!!!

OK, back to the milk....I did my best to soak up the spilled milk with napkins (out of paper towels, seriously?!?!) and then filled the cup up almost as much as it was originally because Bean has a tendency to eat everything before she drinks anything.  Now we just wait about an hour longer to see how that new ratio with the modified milk amount is doing!  Lovely!

At least there are two more lunches to test out the ratio!

What was I thinking adjusting it anyway?

Oh, yeah, it was those god-awful high numbers mocking me from that dang log!!!

**edited to add**
  Bean just knocked over her bowl of shells and cheese she is eating for dinner....thankfully all but about 10 shells landed on her chair, so I just scooped them back into the bowl!!   ARGH!!  Is it bedtime yet?!?! ;)


  1. Bless your heart. That IS Stressful!! I know how you feel about the milk. I've been known to soak up drink, and squeeze back in a cup. Gross, I know. : )
    I share your log-hate. I only write if I have to-they do mock you. : P
    Those open cups stress mommas! ; ) sorry!

  2. It's probably good for the peeps at camp to see that things aren't always perfect with D. I'm sure they will see how awesome your D-skills are!!! :)

  3. hey, that's the reality of D and people who judge you otherwise are out of their minds.
    Thanks for sharing. This was cute

  4. OY...I hated the spilled milk days. Oh wait, he just spilled his milk last week. UGH. And, I cannot even imagine the camp-LOG bit...they know though...they know. They won't judge. Hold your head up high!!!

  5. I totally feel your stress over the log'a like the anticipation of feeling like you are being judged. It drives me nuts! Couldn't help but giggle at Bean's "um, a lot" guess too...she sounds so much like my Emma! She spilled a bowl of popcorn once and said the same thing. Thankfully popcorn is easy to pick up and re-measure. HUGS to you Momma! You're awesome!


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