Sunday, June 12, 2011

Squeal Like A Girl

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Such a cute little fella, isn't it?  I totally agree...if it's on a rock, outside, where it's SUPPOSED to be.
NOT when it runs past you when you are walking through the laundry room into the bathroom when you flip the light on!

I screamed, I squealed, I jumped up and down about to hyperventilate! It freaked me out!!

Of course, Ubergeek and Bean (who were safely in the living room) thought it was hilarious!  Ubergeek joked that if I could have, I probably would have jumped onto the dryer to get away from it!

We've had shrew visitors in the past, usually in the garage where they munch on the birdseed or whatever else they feel like chewing up.  Don't really like them in the garage, but it's better than in the house!  Well, they must have gotten ballsy, because we've caught two and are pretty sure there's another one.

So last night, Ubeegeek decides we need french fries around 10.  (Yeah, not the best choice, but hey, sometimes you just need McD's fries!)  So he goes to put on his shoes and lets out this squeal that puts mine from the night before to shame!!  He then proceeds to shake out his shoe to find a toy!  Feeling better, he puts on that shoe and goes to put on the other one and.....yep, SQUEAL, again!!  Accompanied by a few other choice phrases....and, really, who could blame him!  He shakes out that shoe and finds.....yep, you guessed it, another TOY!  What is even more hilarious is that it was the same kind of toy, a matching set for his pair of shoes.  I can only imagine Bug did it, because she's a little OCD like that!

So, he walks around the room cursing the toys, shivering and shaking like he's trying to get out the heeby-jeebies!

Of course, I'm laughing my butt off and can hardly see for the tears streaming down my face!!

Too bad he didn't follow is own advice to 'check your shoes for shrews!'

Here is the offending toy....Minion from Megamind...and yes, it's a McD's toy!

Ah, the irony!!

Couldn't find his 'twin' that was in the other shoe....not sure where it landed when Ubergeek threw it across the room!!!


  1. :)...I would be freakin' and love that you guys remind me of Dave and I. xo.

  2. That is sooo funny... lol Thanks for sharing.. I hope you get your CGM soon... I am excited about getting to start ours in the next few weeks.. I could hardly stand the omnipod and dex in the house and not using them!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We had a "friend" come to visit when all the construction was going on around us. I was alone! NOT.MY.IDEA.OF.FUN!

    It took us forever to catch that little buggar too.

  4. I would totally be freaked out too! We've had some critters in our crawl space and that creeped me out plenty!!
    Hilarious about the toys in the shoes! LOL

  5. You know what they say about pay back, LOL!!!! And btw, McD french fries were my BIGGEST craving when I was pregnant with Charlotte...I'd send hubby out at all hours of the day and night to get them for me :)

  6. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

    We just have scorpions.

    Feel free to come visit anytime :)

  7. HA!! You two are hilarious!! :o)

  8. He he! That's laugh out loud funny! :)


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