Friday, June 24, 2011

Pátek je dobrá

Roselady over at Diapeepees started Good Fridays...
a day to reflect on the 'good' of the week, no D allowed!  
Pátek je dobrá....Friday is good!
(Czech this week!)

1.  Stalked at the Park   Yeah, I know, it doesn't really sound 'good' but it all turned out that way.
  We were at a park last Saturday to film footage for our You Can Do This project submission (Why can I not include something D in this every week?!?!) when we were approached by a nice looking/dressed lady with a satchel full of multicolored papers.  No 'pedophile wanting to steal my kiddos' alarms went off in my head and I figured she was one of those 'sign my petition for this or that' types or something.  She was casting kids for a local film shoot for a 'big' movie and wanted to know if we were interested.  We took her information and went on with our own filming.
  After Ubergeek did some research when we got home to see if she was legit, I called her and set up a time for us to take Bug in the next day. (They were looking for 2-3 year olds.)  We all went because it was only going to take about 15 minutes and she also took pictures of and talked to Bean.  While we were there, she told us about a 'secret' Q&A session with the director after a showing of Soul Surfer that evening.  Because of the timing of the show, Ubergeek and Bean went on their own....a fun daddy/daughter date...and I stayed home to put Bug to bed and enjoy some quite time.
  Well, they not only LOVED the movie and meet the director, they also met Jon Voight!  He and Bean chatted for a bit while Ubergeek stood there and DIDN'T take any pictures!!  UGH!  His excuse was that he didn't want to be 'that guy', like it's not normal to take photos with celebrities?!?!  Anyway, Bean thought it was totally cool to meet Mr. Sir and I guess that's all that counts!
  Oh, and no, we haven't gotten a 'call back' yet....we'll see!

2.  Surprise, it's a Wedding!  We were invited to a 'house warming halibut feed' at our friends' house last Saturday. (wow, lots going on last Saturday, huh?)  These are friends we met through Bean's school and have been hanging out with them for the past two years at various school and non-school functions.  They have become some of our closest friends.  They got engaged earlier in the year and there were lots of people who figured they would just be one of those couples who lived in a perpetual engaged state.  But, NO!  After the 'BBQ' was going on for an hour and half or so, J comes out in a shirt and tie (something I've never seen him in!) and another one of our friends asks who all wants to see them get married?!?  In walks T, in a gorgeous bridal gown, and they do the whole ceremony right there in the backyard!  It was the sweetest!

3.  Dinner at in-laws.  So, we were supposed to have dinner with Ubergeek's parents on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day.  Well, the whole 'secret Q&A' thing came up so we rescheduled for Tuesday, then remembered Spielabend, and re-rescheduled for Wednesday.  Well, Ubergeek ended up needing to go help someone with their computer after work and I had texted him a list for the grocery store, including items for our dinner.  The phone rings at 5:30 and it's my fil....'um, are you guys on your way soon, dinner is ready.'  I bust out laughing realizing that BOTH of us had forgotten...and we had stopped by their house the night before and had talked about dinner!  While I was laughing, my cell phone rings and it's Ubergeek wanting to know what kind of veggie burgers I wanted him to get.  I told him about the fact that we were supposed to be at his parents' house already and he said, 'Oh, yeah, that's right! I can't believe we forgot! Guess I'll speed things up a bit!'
  Needless to say, we go there about 30 minutes later and had a super yummy dinner (and brought home leftovers...even better the next day!) and had a nice time hanging out.  What's even funnier is that all through dinner and dessert we were all doing and saying things that if we had been being observed would have qualified us for some 'memory enhancing' medication for sure!!  I think the best 'oops' was when my mil poured her creamer into the bowl she set out for the empty containers instead of into her coffee!!


  1. That was a great Good Friday! : ) Woohoo, Bug!! Hope she gets a part!
    and no pictures? Criminal! I'm sure John Voight stood there wondering if Ubergeek really knew WHO he was! hahaha!
    Wedding? That's awesome! No stress over what you'll wear, and gifts, babysitting-Perfect Wedding with their great friends! : )

  2. Those are some GREAT stories! It's just like a guy not to take pics when a celebrity is chatting with his kid. That's awesome that they met Jon Voight! Good luck with the callback, what a great memory! :)

  3. Okay you have the BEST "Good Friday" ever! How AWESOME they got to meet Jon Voigt and see that movie! And how fun to be a part of a surprise wedding...super fun!

  4. LOVE this post!! SO awesome about Jon Voigt!! And I have to admit that at first I thought there was something wrong with my computer when i read the title...lolol...:o)

  5. The WEDDING was my favorite part of this post...NOW.THAT.IS.COOL!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo


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