Friday, June 3, 2011

Le vendredi est une bonne!

Roselady over at Diapeepees started Good Fridays...
a day to reflect on the 'good' of the week, no D allowed!  
Le vendredi est une bonne...Friday is good!  
(French this week!)

1.  The DOC!!  OK, I know I'm pushing it here with the 'no D allowed' but I had to take the first chance I had to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for all of the support from my friends in my computer about the ridiculous anonymous comment!  I knew that you all would have my back (and Ubergeek's!), but to see all the comments and feel that support was truly amazing.  You all are becoming (if not already are!) some of my best friends and I feel unbelievably blessed to be a part of such an amazing community of D'rents and PWD!  Much, much, much love to all of  you!

2.  Time to refresh.  I am about halfway through my little vaca in Georgia.  And although it is hotter than a witch's titty in a brass bra, I am truly enjoying being here.  Having a break from the D stuff is nice, although I have been talking about it quite a bit because everyone wants to know how Bean is doing and it's given me the chance to educate and correct, which is a good thing.  But, having a break from 'all that is mommy' has been amazing.  No other clothes to iron, no other food to make, no planning outings around nap time, no stressing over behavior, no making sure they are occupied so I can be on the computer or take a shower (notice the order of importance there?!?), no car seats to buckle, no whining about wanting to go do this or that, no waking up to the pitter patter of feet before I want to be awake!!  It's been grand!
  Do I miss them, YES!  Am I ready to go home yet, um....NO!! ;)

3.  Family.  I am so glad I was able to be here for my nephew's graduation.  It's one of those milestones that you just can't miss!  It's been nice hanging out with my mother, sister and her family.  Just being around family is a wonderful thing...especially when you live 4,000 miles away and it doesn't happen all that often!
  Now, brace are about to see pictures of me!  OK, stop jumping up and down in delight already!! ;)

My sister, Lisa; nephew, Paul; and me!

Brother-in-law, Doug; nephew, Chad; nephew, Paul; sister, Lisa; Mother, Beverly; and me!


  1. Bwaahahahaha! "Witch's titty in a brass bra!" OMG, I just can't stop laughing. :)

    It is so great to SEE you!! You are a gorgeous D-mama and I am so happy that you are having a great BREAK from it all!

  2. Glad the DOC lifted your spirits. Don't let one annoying anon person get you down. You are loved!

    Enjoy every moment of your vaca!

    This line made me laugh: "I can be on the computer or take a shower (notice the order of importance there?!?)" Computer time definitely takes priority over shower time! :)

    Beautiful family photos!

    Oh, and I appreciated the French title too! :)

  3. Love the pics! Love that you are having a great time! Love that the DOC is there for you... And me... Always!! Love, love, love!!

  4. Glad your having a good time and getting to see family..Great pictures. Hope you have lots of fun :) Thankful that you have been so SUPPORTED !!! Love and prayers..
    We start our pod on June 14th!!

  5. I am so happy to hear you're having fun on vacation! I love the pictures :) We are all on your side here in the DOC.

  6. i laughed my ass off at the brass bra bit...hahah i needed that. glad you are enjoying your mummy repreive. enjoy the break you deserve it !!

  7. Your little vaca sounds so heavenly! I have to admit I am jealous! Like a lot jealous! A shower - WTF?? Seriously jealous now.

    Hey pretty lady! Love the pics!!

    DOC will always have your back. Always!

    Enjoy the rest of your time. Hi Ubergeek! I know you read the comments. :)

  8. YOU.ARE.GORGEOUS!!! I am so happy you posted a pic. I cannot even tell you how cool it is to see one of your buddies for the first time...well maybe you do. Have you seen Lexi's VLOG. I was crying to see her "animated" tonight.

    xoxo...ENJOY the rest of your vacay.

  9. What a beautiful family! : ) Glad you got to be with the...and shower, and play on the computer, and sleep! : ) Hope that icky comment rolled off your back! And how's Ubergeek getting along? : ) Hugs! Holly

  10. You're gorgeous!! And thank you for being such an awesome part of the doc !

    Laura I'm jealous too! Lol

  11. Love the DOC! So glad you are part of it :-)
    Glad you are having a nice trip, enjoy your "time off"
    Yes, I was practically jumping up and down to see your are much prettier than the pod with the bow (even though that is cute)

    :-) Have a great weekend!!!


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