Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"I loved, Loved, LOVED Camp!"

she got to sleep on the top bunk...such a treat!

Bean had such a great time at camp last week!!

She said she only cried once. ;)

She made lots of friends...only girls because boys are just yuck!

She jumped in the freezing cold lake to become a polar bear.

She canoed and did archery and took hikes and played games and had counselors with funny names.  (Oogie and Flounder!)

 translation: I went canoeing for the very first time.
I like camp!

she said she almost made a bulls eye
translation: she got really close to the target!!

"orts" translation: what you left on your plate after a meal
lake next to campfire 
hiking trail
sign on her bunk, name cropped out, obviously!

We are still getting bits and piece of her adventure and probably will for weeks to come as she remembers all the fun she had and as we think of questions to ask!
The most prominent comment has been that she LOVED CAMP and that she REALLY, REALLY wants to go back next year!!

Numbers wise she did really well.  She had a 500-something after a pod change (they didn't do our normal of adding to the first bolus, but it was quickly corrected, thankfully) and had a few 70s, but over all it was a pretty good numbers week.  The camp nurse did some adjusting to corrections after seeing patterns, so it was nice to know that it wasn't just 'blindly' following the PDM, but making 'logical' changes as needed.

It was a learning experience for all of us and thankfully it was an easy lesson!  No big problems, no major D-issues, no 'come pick her up' phone calls, and no Ubergeek renting a boat to stake out the camp on the lake!!

We would have paid any amount of money to have had this little video clip emailed to us, though!

we had encouraged her to vlog about her experiences
unfortunately the camera 'messed up' early in the week 
and even though it was an easy fix, it wasn't fixed
(can understand them not wanting to mess with it and break it!)
so she didn't get a chance to vlog or take many pictures

I understand why there's no communication...if they talk to someone at home they would be more likely to want to go home...but other than the letter that came the day before she got home, we heard nothing!  
I think that was the hardest part; no I KNOW that was the hardest part!

At least next year we will have a better idea of what goes on and know that she's loving every minute of it!!


  1. That video of Bean is the. most. precious. thing. ever!!!!! Oh my. She is a natural with the camera. More vlogs from Bean / More vlogs from Bean / More vlogs from Bean.

    Okay, I have to go back and watch it a couple of more times. No more time to comment.

  2. Hi! First, I'm sorry I missed you on my blog roll. I'm such a goober sometimes! You're on there now. : )

    Glad D-Camp went well!

    On a sidenote: I've noticed that Matthew goes high after pod changes too. So embarrassing...we've been podding since December and I just noticed the trend.

    Haven't quite figured out if I just need to bolus for a snack after the change or give additional insulin. I'm watching for a pattern..

    Guess I'll figure it out...but I may pester you with a question or two sometimes!!

  3. Precious!!!!! I'm so glad that she had a blast!

  4. Aw, that was the sweetest video clip! I love that she became a "polar bear", she is far braver than I!!! Glad she had a great time, it looks like a fantastic camp! :)

  5. SO GLAD that Bean had such a great time and that all went well! Love the vlog too!

  6. Super cute and sweet vid! So awesome she had a great time.

  7. ah we knew it would all go swimmingly right? A wee little break for you and a happy little bean is a worthwhile reward for the stress.

    LOVED the whispering video!!

  8. So glad she had fun and that vidoe was the best!!

  9. Love it! Love the video! So glad she had fun! Yay camp!!!!

  10. I can take her off my prayer list, SO glad she had a wonderful time! : ) She is just adorable!!

  11. Omg she's so cute!!! Glad she had a blast!


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