Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wilma ist wunderbar!

(Wilma is wonderful!)

Bean has been hooked up to Wilma, our Dexcom seven+ Continuous Glucose Monitor, for two weeks today!!

We are L.O.V.I.N.G her!!

Are there times when she's off, sure.  But a little entering of the BG and she's back to pretty darn close if not spot on.

Are there times when Bean wants to have a break from having her on, sure.  But thankfully where she plays in the house is small enough that Wilma can hang out on a table and still be in communication.  Shoot, Bean went out in the backyard the other day and Wilma was on the table inside and was keeping up with her!  (Yes, we have a SMALL backyard!!)

Are there times when Wilma has buzzed at me through the new baby monitor purchased specifically for her to wake me in the middle of the night before my alarm was set to check Bean, YES.  L.O.V.E that feature...even though Wilma usually thinks Bean is lower that she really is (73 vs a real 100) I'm beyond thankful to be alerted so that when Wilma is spot on Bean will be safe!!

I'm really feeling like something needs to be tweaked, looking at her graphs.  They are quite the exciting roller coaster!  Either basals are off or ratios are off or we need to have the Apidra conversation with our ANP or a combination of some or all of the above!

It's also nice, no, make that AMAZINGLY AWESOME to see those trend arrows.  They give me way more confidence to let her hang out at 120 in the middle of the night when I see that straight across arrow or to crank the basal way more than I would have ever had the confidence to when she doesn't come down 'far enough' before she levels out after a meal.

Here's a little glimpse:
And, yes, I chose to take a picture of the graphs when they weren't so dang ugly and I realized I needed pictures for a post and when I saw the first graph, I HAD to have photographic evidence of it's loveliness!  Just need to get figure out how to get more of those pretty ones!! ;)

generally speaking, Wilma and the PDM are
less than 10 points apart
oh, and the pretty pink skin was a gift from the 
Omnipod rep out of Seattle that gave us a call
to check on us after speaking with our ANP. 

ooo, that's pretty

ok, I can handle a little bump after a meal

overnight basals could use a little help
not loving the dramatic drop so much

and welcome to the roller coaster!


  1. Thanks so much for your update. I love to hear anything people think about Dex. I'm kind of obsessed. And, I always love the graphs. Really, can't get over them. And, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has rollercoasters.

  2. These things fascinate me! It's like a security blanket I'm sure.

    Also, love the pink skin, very cute! :)

  3. We started Apidra about 2 months ago. So far so good. I can't wait to find out what our A1c will be.

  4. Ah... the rollercoaster. We all get it! literally and figuratively. Congrats on the new addition. It must settle your mind a bit more.

  5. Glad you are loving your Dex. Pretty lines!

  6. Apidra???? Do tell, do tell.

    Tell Wilma 'Hi' from us and let her know we are sorry we missed her on our little d-meet-up! ;)


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