Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Thank You for Being a Friend"

Yeah, you can curse me later for getting the theme song to 'Golden Girls' stuck in your head! ;)

As you know, this week the girls have been attending VBS (Vacation Bible School).  This is the same VBS that Bean has been going to since she was 3, the VBS she went to the week I had Bug and was in the hospital (thank goodness for the nesting instinct that had me get all of her outfits for the week ready Sunday night ~ they had a specific color to wear each day that summer!), the VBS that would make our summer incomplete if she didn't attend.

But I digress....this is supposed to be about being a friend...

Last year, before Bean was dx'ed, I had made plans with a mom of a classmate for Bean to hang out at their house each Monday.  There were also plans for Bean to go with them to their VBS and for the friend, we'll call her G, to attend our VBS.
When D entered the picture, I wasn't sure how those plans would pan out.

I called the mom the Sunday night we got home from the hospital to let her know that Bean wouldn't be there the next day and she told me that her sister was T1 and there was no reason Bean shouldn't or couldn't come over...well, now!  Yep, she's awesome like that!
So needless to say, Bean (and I, because Ubergeek wasn't quite as OK with it yet) went over the next afternoon and it was the first step to 'making things normal' of our D-journey.  After just a couple of Mondays with me tagging along, Bean went solo for the rest of the summer...ah, joyful normal!

G has always been OK with all things D related.  She's never had a problem with Bean testing or doing shots (when she was on MDI last summer and would eat lunch with her every Monday!).  She's helped other friends 'get over' D stuff when they've made a big deal about it and has thus helped Bean be OK with doing what needs to be done where ever and whenever it needs to be done.

G has accompanied the girls again this year to our VBS.  She has stayed to play for the afternoon Tuesday and today.

At lunch today, I witnessed something utterly amazing.

Bean was doing her normal before eating thing:  setting up to test.
G was doing her normal thing: hovering right over Bean's shoulder to watch.
Then G asked if she could help.  Um, what?
So, Bean showed her how to cock the AccuCheck Multi Clix and G cocked it.
Then Bean let G put it against her finger and then hit the button to prick her finger!!  WHAT?!?
Bean put her finger up to the strip while G commented 'wow, that was a lot of blood this time!'

It was crazy to watch/hear....I was trying to not stand there with my mouth gaping open!

It's one thing for Bean to let someone 'invade her space' while she's testing.
She's never had an issue about doing that around people or with them watching.
BUT to actually let them poke her finger?  WOW!

For G to always be supportive and OK with all things D is great.
BUT for her to want to take it a step further, from watching to DOing?  WOW!

That's a friend!

Yeah, G's totally who we'll be having over for Bean's first sleep over! ;)


  1. "... and if you threw a party. Invited everyone you knew. You would see, the biggest gift would be from me. And the card attached would say, thank you for being a friend!"

    The scariest thing? I didn't even have to look those lyrics up! Love me some GG!

    How cool for Bean to have a friend like that. I hope Elise will one day have a friend just like G!

  2. Loved this!!! So cool that she was okay with someone else doing it! I'm all about control when I do my medical stuff so I give her big credit for being cool like that. She'll be in good hands when that sleepover day comes.

    P.S. I LOVE the Golden Girls, I have so many of their DVD sets it's scary...I never get tired of watching "the girls". :)

  3. I love G! THAT is who you want for a sleepover-precious girl. : ) Her momma is doing something right too! : ) Love that she has a wonderful friend. <3 Hugs!

  4. LOVE this!! What a fantastic little girl G is and I am SO happy that Bean has a friend like her in her life. That is amazing! Kudos to G's Mom as well for being so supportive and helping you jump right in to make sure things stay as normal as possible in spite of the big D. Love me some Golden Girls too...I want to be Betty White when i grow up...:o)

  5. Big smiles after reading that...(something I needed!) Love that she has a great friend!

  6. Ah WOW! Love that she has this wonderful friend to support her in life and in "D"...and I am sure Bean is a wonderful friend as well. xo.

  7. You are w-i-c-k-e-d!!! I loved GG but I often had to turn down the volume in the beginning because that song drove me nutso!!!

    But it is very fitting for this beautiful post of what it looks like to be a friend of Bean. So stinkin' sweet I woudl cry if it weren't for teh eye spasm I have from hearing that song in my head ;) <3 you!!!


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