Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you trust ME, you can trust IT

Bean is going to a day camp this week and next.
It's at her school, with  teacher she's comfortable with because of Drama Club last school year, with the office staff back in the building for backup (at least most days), and with the care sheet I sent in to explain Highs, Lows, and Bolusing, I'm totally confident in her being in charge of her D care.

Couple of things happened today that made me question that confidence:

#1...I go to pick her up at 3 and I hear from one of the teachers that her 'thing was beeping', but she took care of it.  UM, WHAT?!?
So, I don't even talk to him and get down on Bean's eye level to talk to her.  She told me that during the story her pod alarmed and she deactivated it.  I asked her why she didn't call me and her answer was that she didn't want to interrupt the story.  UM, WHAT?!?
I told her, in front of the teachers so they would understand as well, that if that ever happened again that she MUST call me so I can do a pod change.  The teacher that told me about the alarm asked if that was something they could do and I told him while I appreciated him wanting to, it was best if I came to do it.
THANKFULLY the pod had alarmed just 45 minutes prior to me getting there, so she hadn't been too long without her basal.

#2...I was going over her records for today, entering it into the app on my phone, and I see the amount of her lunch bolus...much smaller than it should have been, even with her being at 85.  I go into the information screen and see "Suggested bolus altered by user." UM, WHAT?!?
We had had this conversation during VBS week about how she should NEVER alter her bolus unless I OKed it.  I thought she had understood how not OK it was for her to do that and thought she had truly understood and believed her when she said she wouldn't do it again.
So, I went upstairs, where she was already tucked into bed and needed to be asleep, to talk to her about what happened.  She said she lowered it because she was at 85 and she didn't trust her PDM and thought it was going to give her too much insulin.  UM, WHAT?!?
I went over, again, how the PDM knows how much to give her, knows to give her less when she's below 120 (our set number for it to 'reverse correct' and reduce the amount of insulin to cover for carbs), and she can trust it to give her what she needs.  She wasn't buying it.  So, I went over it again; and again; and again.
Then I asked her if she trusted me and she said yes.  I told her that I was the one who put all of the information into the PDM so it could calculate what amount of insulin to give her.
So if she trusts me, she can trust it.
It took a bit of convincing, but she finally agreed that she could trust it and that she wouldn't adjust her bolus again.
I'm also a bit frustrated with the teacher because it specifically says on the care sheet to NOT ADJUST the insulin amount or to allow her to do it.

Now, don't get me wrong.
I LOVE that she is tuning into her insulin needs.
 I LOVE that she is aware of what the PDM is suggesting and isn't just blindly pressing buttons to give herself her bolus.
I'm just afraid that if she thinks its OK for her to adjust it without consulting me that she might really mess things up and that scares the crap out of me!!



    I know how frustrating it is. But, the same time, you're so grateful that there are adults willing to "watch out" for her so she can enjoy the experience.

    But most of these kind hearted people just don't get it. It alarmed. She stopped it. If there was a problem, she would mention it.

    But she doesn't want to interrupt the story...to bring on the attention to herself...not to mention that the story is a good one -- she needs to know what happens!!!

    And then she probably forgot. Cuz she's a kid.

    And here you are. Running in circles. Trying to be normal in an abnormal reality.


    I hope things get better over there, my friend.

  2. First off, I am so totally impressed by you and The Bean. I feel we are living kind-a parallel lives with the "independence duo" right now. Great coversations...Things will be far from perfect along the way, but you are teaching her well Mama Pancreas...you are teaching her well.


  3. Reyna-1:46am???
    Denise, at least she is aware that blood sugars affect her body, that we adjust insulin, and for that, you are doing a great job! She just wants to be a Pro too. : )
    I agree on the changing things, though! Scary. I think Alarm = Call Mom!!! That is even scarier!! (Glad she likes a good story, haha!)
    Hugs to you!

  4. I worry about my D and my decisions all the time, it is hard to imagine trying to do it for someone else.

    Hope she feels more comfortable trusting her PDM. Too cute that she wanted to listen to the story instead of the bells and whistles...pretty sure the majority of pumpers can relate. Best of luck for a great time at day camp!!! :)

  5. I'm so glad you and Reyna both are sharing your kids' transition to taking on more of their diabetes care! Admirable. :) Our little guy is still a toddler, so I'm learning from you guys - you're all doing amazingly, parents and kids!

  6. I think you have one smart girl there! She knows she is away from home; knows she may get more exercise; knows 85 is a little low for comfort in that situation. Does the Pod subtract insulin the same way an Animas pump does? Minimed does not. If wearing Minimed, our DD has learned to factor in and will also either eat an extra ten grams and not bolus for it or underbolus a little bit in certain situations. Is there any easy way for her to look at the Pod's Receiver, see how much insulin is left on board and after two hours "cover" by X amount of grams if too much is on board in relation to blood sugar? There may be other ways to help your DD deal with the very real fear that insulin does not always match the digestion of food. I'm with her on this one!

  7. shes growing up, oh wow. you want them to assert independence, but include D and I guess it can be quite scary.

  8. First, I am so proud of you both for managing the leap into some independant D care! Second, I feel your fear at the problems that occured and your fear of what COULD occur at another time...so scary! HUGS to you Momma and I hope the rest of the week goes fantastic!

  9. Wow! I had kind of forgotten about the reverse correction feature on the PDM....we don't use it. But...maybe I should think about that during school. Hmmmm......Are you on Facebook? I can't remember if I asked....

  10. Oh my. That girl is going on 35yo and is gonna pass you and Ubergeek up if you don't put a brick on her head. You handled that situation with a heaping dose of Grace, my dear. I woudl have whipped that PDM out of Ellie's hands and grounded her for 42 years. Hehehehehe. Yeah. No. I love you explanation about being able to trust the PDM because she trusts you. Made my arms pop up in goosebumps.


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