Friday, July 15, 2011

Пятница хороша! Pyatnitsa horosha!

Roselady over at Diapeepees started Good Fridays...
a day to reflect on the 'good' of the week, no D allowed!  

Пятница хороша!  Pyatnitsa horosha!...Friday is good!
Russian this week...with phonetic spelling! :)

1.  VBS, baby!!  Not only did the girls have a fabulous time this week at VBS, it gave me almost three hours of 'alone' time each morning!  I cleaned, had a date with Ubergeek, napped, organized clothes, and took an uninterrupted shower.  It was fabulous!!

2.  The Pot is Fixed!  Remember when Amy and I had our meet up in Denali and I brought her a cute flowerpot that was decorated with pods?  And then we brought it home so I could ship it to her instead of them having to lug it around for the rest of their trip?  And when we got home and Ubergeek opened the back of the car (read large SUV! ;)) and it fell out and shattered?

   WELL, I finally had the chance to get another pot, paint it, and get it decorated!

   Now, I just have to get it in the box and sent on its way....promise it will be this weekend, Amy!! ;)

3.  Weeds, the pretty kind!   So, there's a weed in Alaska that we call Fireweed (it's found other places, too, but they call it other things) because it's one of the first things to grow after forest fires.  You can find them all over the place around town and it's just plain beautiful.  Its blooms signal the beginning of summer, summer sticks around until the blooms reach the top, and when it goes to seed and looks like it's been flocked with snow, it signals the end of least that's the way story goes around here! :)
  I've wanted some at our house since we moved in 10 years ago.  Even to the point that we tried, unsuccessfully, to transplant some from Ubergeek's parents' house.  So, when I noticed some sprouting in my barrel of irises in the front yard, I nearly jumped for joy!!  There are lots of little ones getting ready to bloom, but this guy is going strong.

Oh, and if you haven't checked out
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  1. I did, I did (visit Haley!), thanks!! : )
    Love that fireweed-it's actually a pretty weed, ha! We get really ugly stuff. *Loved* that you got a shower-my kids are bad to knock on the glass door and try to have conversations with me...ahhh! Umm..mommy's busy, kids!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Denise! : ) Hugs!

  2. What cute pots! How many talents do you have?

    Enjoy your weekend, my little silver spoon!

  3. Such a beautiful "weed"! I am totally jealous about the uninterrupted shower as "I'm going for a shower!" translates to something different for Emma...something like, "I'm going in the bathroom, but I would love for you to come in every 2 seconds and ask me the most random questions you can think of, then switch over to asking me to open something you can't open or get you something you can't reach in the other room, that would be fabulous...thanks!" lolol

  4. Love that you got a date AND an un-interrupted shower! That makes for a great week for sure!!

    The Fireweed is pretty and I love the story behind it's seasonal changes. :)

  5. Love the creative pot, too...and the nature post...and the Russian!

  6. Oh, this IS a good Friday post! You crack me up with the phonics . . . "Phonics is for me!"

    Can't wait for the crafty pot to arrive!


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